11 Of The Wildest 'Judge Judy' Cases That Prove Judge Judy Is A Saint

Judge Judy is the basic cable hero we all love, but sometimes it's hard to fathom how she hasn't completely snapped at some of the people in her court room.

Oops, Shouldn't Have Said That!

This is a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease. The plaintiff was suing the defendant, claiming he stole her wallet. As she told Judge Judy about the contents of her wallet that went missing, the defendant interrupted to say one of the items listed wasn't actually in the wallet. OOPS.

Yes, Officer?

Finding a place to live that doesn't break the bank can be hard. When Miss Millie rented a room from Mr. Smith, she was excited to finally have a place to relax. Miss Millie was laying half-naked on her couch, reading a book and drinking coffee, when she heard what she thought was Mr. Smith's movie blaring with sirens. As it turns out, it was the real police and she was really arrested (though we're not sure why.) Miss Millie successfully sued Mr. Smith for $500, the amount of her bail.

You Can Pick Your Friends, You Can Pick Your Nose. But Never Pierce A Kid's Nose Without Permission

Miss Anthony sued the employee who pierced her son's nose, claiming it was done without her permission. She wanted a $5,000 settlement, but Judge Judy really couldn't figure out why. Though the judge did agree that the employee should have gotten permission, there was no injury, infection, or damage of any kind, so $5,000 was excessive. It became clear that she just wanted the most money possible, so Judge Judy awarded her $250 in damages and sent Miss Anthony on her way.

"That's uhhh...not mine."

A favor for a brother turned ugly, when a $2,613 phone bill appeared and no one admitted to racking it up. A young woman allowed her brother to stay with her and her husband, however not long after a large phone bill caused a bit of tension. The sister contacted the phone company, who embarrassingly revealed that someone had been making sex calls from their computer. The brother denied these allegations, but Judge Judy ruled in the sister's favor. So...Thanksgiving at Mom's house?

Evil Step-Mother, Cinderella Style

A teenager and her step-mom didn't get along, which isn't unusual. But when the teenager decided to move out of her house, the step-mom told her never to return. The problem arose when the girl tried to get her car and Evil Step-Mom said no. The girl had bought the car from her grandmother, but couldn't pay in full, so her step-mom took possession of the car until she could pay. Even when the girl did pay, her step-mom refused to hand over the keys to the car. Judge Judy ruled in the teenager's favor.

We Are Family

There's a reason they say working with family isn't a great idea. 57-year-old Cathy sued her nephew, 37-year-old Michael, after he racked up $2,658.72 on the company's credit card. Michael had a card because he was family, but when all the other employees got a $3 raise, except him, Michael went a little wild. He claims he would have been able to pay off the bill had he gotten the same raise as everyone else, but Judge Judy didn't buy it.

You're Both Losers

They say opposites attract...but it seems these two were exactly the same. The couple was once in love, but of course had their moments. Whenever the girlfriend would get mad, the boyfriend would buy her jewelry. However, cheating was one step too far, and the girlfriend dumped her boyfriend, but not before re-enacting a Carrie Underwood song. She scratched his car, slashed his tires, and broke into his house. The scorned lover even tried to make her ex-boyfriend pay for her abortion (even though it wasn't his kid.) The boyfriend didn't love this, so he smashed her window. Judge Judy ruled the case inconclusive and called both of them liars.

I'm A Big Kid Now

A teenager somehow managed to get a lease for a condo, and the landlord probably really regrets it. The girl caused thousands of dollars of damage to the condo due to both wild parties and a dog she was watching for a friend. The landlord was hit with dog fines and police fines, and this prompted him to sue the teenager for $4,000. The case was actually dismissed, despite the obvious damage, because the landlord didn't evict the tenant but rather renewed her lease. You're on your own, bud.

You've Got To Know When To Fold 'Em

When you get invited to a poker tournament, you need to at least have a good poker face. For this defendant, he had what he thought was a winning hand. He was wrong. An argument broke out over who really won, and the defendant ended up getting thrown out of the house. On his way, he kicked two cars causing almost $2,000 in damages.

Another Evil Step-Mom

Parents suing their kids will never end well. This girl only got to see her dad three times a year, and this particular time they went snowmobiling. The girl ended up crashing the snowmobile, which prompted her dad and step-mom to sue her for damages. The girl counter-sued her dad and step-mom for damage done to her knee. Both cases were dismissed, as Judge Judy realized the step-mother was influencing the father's case.

Nice Guys Finish Broke

An older gentleman started dating a much younger woman, and he showered her with monetary gifts. Unfortunately, the couple split, and now he wanted her to pay back what he gave her. The plaintiff sued for what he claimed were 'loans', while the defendant was adamant they were gifts. The total was around $8,000 but Judge Judy had no choice but to dismiss the case once it was clear that they were, in fact, gifts. She did tell the man he was a kind soul and reprimanded the woman for taking advantage of him.

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