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11 Ways You Could Be Using Wax Paper That You Never Would Have Thought Of On Your Own

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We all have a roll of wax paper hiding somewhere in our kitchen. No one really remembers when they bought it or what to do with it, but it's there. Of course, it's often use to store foods in the freezer, but other than that not a lot of people know how to use it.

The first time I bought wax paper I thought it was the same thing as parchment paper (I was in university, okay?) Needless to say I was wrong, and that batch of cookies went straight in the garbage.

I ended up stuck with a roll of wax paper and had no idea how to use it. It's too bad I didn't have this list with me, though. It would have been a game changer for sure!

1. Polish Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances look stunning in your home, but the fingerprints do not. Even going to get a drink from the fridge can turn the doors into a smudged mess. Instead of spending tons of money on cleaning supplies, just grab some wax paper!

Rubbing a sheet of wax paper over your faucets, oven, fridge, and whatever other stainless steel appliances you have in the house will help make them fingerprint-free.

2. Decorate Cakes

Decorating your own cakes can be fun, but one tiny mistake and it all gets ruined. If you're doing piped decorations or writing words, there is a foolproof way to make sure they turn out great!

Instead of piping directly onto your cake, pipe your words and decorations onto a piece of wax paper. Freeze the decorations until they become solid, then just transfer them over to your cake! No need to worry about making a mistake, you can just wipe it off the wax paper and start over.

3. Make Lids

If you're someone who can never find a lid to a pot, then this is the trick for you. Cut a circular piece of wax paper that will fit just inside the pot you're using, then cut a slit in the middle so the steam can escape.

You can also use this trick for anything you're microwaving. Simply cover it with a sheet of wax paper to avoid splatter. That being said, don't keep the paper in the microwave too long. It is waxed, after all.

4. Line Drawers


Drawers can get grimy, especially if you're storing tools, pens, or anything other than Tupperware in them, Drawer liners can cost a lot of money, or at least more money than a piece of paper should cost.

Instead, line your drawers with wax paper to protect them from all the dust and grime that can build up. The paper will keep all the dirt stuck to it, and you won't have to spend extra cash when you want to replace it.

5. Dust and Sweep

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Swiffers are great, but the pads can cost way too much money for what they're actually worth. Lucky for you, wax paper is a great alternative. You can stick a piece of wax paper to the bottom of your Swiffer and it will do the same thing as a store-bought pad would. The paper will pick up all the dust and dirt, and is totally safe for your hardwood floor.

6. Unstick A Zipper


Stuck zippers are a pain in the butt, and they can even cause a meltdown if your kid's winter jacket gets stuck on them. There's no need to panic, though. A piece of wax paper will do the trick.

Running the paper over the teeth of your zipper before and after you use it will keep it from sticking and avoid any future issues. This can also work on luggage, purses, or anything else you use that has a zipper.

7. Glide Your Iron


As irons get older, they can sometimes stop gliding so nicely on your clothes. Wax paper can solve this problem.

Before you turn the iron on, rub a piece of wax paper of the face of the iron. This will smooth out the surface and make sure it perfectly flattens your clothing. It should be noted, though, that if you need to do this trick on a regular basis, it's probably time to get a new iron.

8. Unstick Doors

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We all have that one door in our house that squeaks and sticks no matter what we do. Most of us think we have to live with this "quirk," but that's not true at all!

Take a piece of wax paper and glide it on the hinges of the door, as well as around the frame. This will stop it from squeaking, sticking, and annoying the heck outta you.

9. Preserve Wooden Kitchen Utensils

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Wooden bowls and spoons are a great addition to your kitchen. They're fairly sturdy, and they always look great when you serve a salad with them. However, they can start to look dingy after a while, making them less appealing.

After you wash your wooden kitchen utensils, which should always be done by hand, rub them over with a piece of wax paper. It will keep the natural oils in the wood and preserve the beautiful finish for much longer.

10. Save Wooden Cutting Boards

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Similar to the wooden bowls and utensils, wooden cutting boards are common in most kitchens. But when you cut raw meat on one it can cause some issues. Because wood is a porous material, the juices from the meat can seep into your cutting board, which in turn can cause bacteria to grow.

If you are going to use a wooden cutting board for your raw meat, lay down a piece of wax paper before you do. It's easy to dispose of and will make sure your board stays safe and beautiful.

11. Cork Your Wine

Not that it's something I'm familiar with, but apparently some people don't finish a bottle of wine after they've opened it. When they go to re-cork the bottle, it can be harder to open the next time around without tiny bits of the cork falling into the wine.

Luckily, wax paper is here to save the day. Putting a piece of wax paper around the cork before sticking it back in the bottle will allow for an easier removal the second time around, and will make sure your wine stays cork-free.

How do you use wax paper around the house?

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