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12 Uses For Irish Spring Soap Besides Showering

The Homespun Hydrangea

The smell of Irish Spring soap is pretty recognizable. We've all used it at some point or another in our lives. Most of us probably have a bar hanging around the house somewhere for some reason.    

But did you know that other than scrubbing yourself down in the shower, you can use Irish Spring soap in your everyday life to make things easier?  

These are some ways you probably had no idea you could use Irish Spring soap.

1. Freshen the car

Air fresheners can be expensive, and sometimes their smells are a little too chemical. Thankfully, all you need is some Irish Spring and a Ziploc bag to solve your problem.

Put a bar of Irish Spring in the baggy and keep it under the seat of your car. The fresh scent won't be overpowering, and it also won't wear out like your other air fresheners.

2. Prevent stinky suitcases

Those of you who travel know that a suitcase can get pretty smelly after a long trip. Even just sitting in your basement, suitcases can start to get musty.

To prevent this, take unwrapped bar of Irish Spring and place it in your suitcase before storing it. If you're traveling, keep the soap in your suitcase for the duration of the trip. No more musty travel smell!

3. Keep deer away

You spend a lot of time on your garden, and the last thing you want is deer coming in and ruining it all. Instead of using fencing or harsh chemicals, a bar of soap can change the game.

Take a quarter of a bar of soap and place it in a sock. Tie the sock around a wooden stake and leave it in the garden. The deer don't like the smell of the soap and will stay away from your plants.

4. Eliminate laundry stink

Even if you stay up to date on your laundry schedule, laundry can still start to stink a little bit when you pile it up.

Keeping a bar of soap at the bottom of your laundry basket can keep the room from smelling stale in between laundry days. Just make sure you don't forget to take it out of the basket before dumping it in the laundry basket.

5. Fix small holes in walls

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A small hole in the wall from a finishing nail or a nick can be fixed by a bar of Irish Spring, which is a little surprising to some.

Gently rubbing a bar of the soap over the hold until it fills the space, then all you have to do is paint over it to match the wall.

6. Fix a stuck zipper


Stuck zippers are the worst. When you're in a pinch, rub the teeth of the zipper with a bar of Irish Spring to help the zipper glide along its track! No more pulling and tugging until it breaks.

7. Lubricate nails and screws

Screws and nails can sometimes give you resistance when you try to put them in something. Rubbing them down with a bar of Irish Spring will make the hardware cooperate with you.

8. Treat itchy bug bites


There are few things worse than an itchy bug bite that you can't get relief from. Luckily, Irish Spring is here to save the day!

Apply wet Irish Spring soap to the bug bite and let it dry. Once it has, your bite will feel numbed and you won't feel the urge to itch!

9. Keep pests away

Pests around your flowers is extremely frustrating, but you don't want to use pesticides to keep them away.

Grating up a bar of Irish Spring soap and sprinkling it in your garden will keep pests away and allow you to keep your garden looking beautiful for the full season.

10. Stop sticky doors, drawers, and windows

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When the humidity strikes, doors and windows can begin sticking to their frames. Sticky doors are frustrating but they don't have to be.

Rubbing Irish Spring soap on the hinges and frame of the sticky doors and windows can prevent them from making that awful squeaking noise and getting stuck.

The same thing goes for drawers that don't want to glide properly. Just rub some Irish Spring right over it the rails!

11. Keep camping supplies clean


If you love camping, you'll probably know how annoying it is to have your pots and pans covered in fire soot. Cooking over the flame is great, but the aftermath is not.

But you can prevent the soot from sticking by covering the bottom of your pots and pans with a layer of Irish Spring!

12. Deodorize shoes

No one likes stinky shoes, but the good news is you don't have to deal with them anymore.

Cut a bar of Irish Spring into pieces and place a piece in each of your shoes overnight. When you wake up, the odor will be gone and you'll be good to go!

[H/T: The Homespun Hydrangea]

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