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13 Things That Have Been Banned From Schools

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The list of things that have been banned from our grade schools and our high schools continues to grow every year. At this point, we would assume that it is easier to remember what is allowed instead of what isn't because the first list is a lot shorter than the second.

We can understand when something dangerous is banned from our schools, but some things on this list are just so ridiculous that you would think you were living in the world written about in George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984.

Seriously, it's getting absolutely ridiculous. Let's take a look at 13 things that aren't allowed on school grounds anymore.

1. Red Ink

In England and Australia, teachers have replaced the use of red ink with green because using red ink to make a child's assignment can be considered too "confrontational."

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2. Words

Now before you say anything, certain words are banned across the world for good reasons, you just don't say them in polite company. But some schools have taken it a bit further by banning the use of words like: poverty, birthdays, Halloween, and dancing, because they might elicit "unpleasant emotions" in children. Come on now.

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3. Balls

A school in Toronto, Canada has banned all "hard" balls (whatever that means) from campus because one parent suffered a concussion after being struck in the head.

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4. Baggy Pants

Schools all over the world are still trying to ban people from wearing baggy pants for a variety of reasons. Some schools claim that they "interfere" with learning, while others say that it promotes a gang mentality. If only we cared about the important things in life.

5. Yoga Pants

A school in Ottawa, Canada banned girls from wearing yoga pants on campus unless they came to school with a shirt that covered their rear-ends. "Obviously" because guys would spend all their time staring at butts instead of learning...

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6. Skinny Jeans

So no baggy pants, but apparently no skinny jeans either. These have found themselves banned from schools all over the map because of their tight nature (and lack of modesty) which might detract from learning or cause impure thoughts.

7. Back Packs

A high school in Michigan doesn't allow its students to bring their school bags to class over safety concerns in places like the cafeteria and classrooms. Students are forced to run back to their locker between each class.  

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This list gets even more ridiculous from here on out.

8. Dodgeball

It's being banned at virtually every school because of the risk for injury. Frankly we don't see what the big deal is? We all played it throughout school, and all of us seem to have come out fine on the other end.

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9. Ugg Boots

Ladies at high schools in Pennsylvania aren't allowed to wear these warm boots to school anymore because officials believe there is too big a risk to hide contraband in the boots.

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10. Winning

No we're not talking about Charlie Sheen, we are talking about the nature of competition. A lot of schools have banned the practice of winning because there is too great a risk of physical or "emotional" injury during any form of competition.


11. Holding hands and hugging.

Apparently if anyone is holding hands or hugging, they are on the fast track to discovering sexual activity. The state of Tennessee passed legislation stating that holding hands was a "gateway to sexual activity. Schools in Portland, Florida, New Jersey and Brooklyn have all banned hugging on their campuses because they are "unsuitable interactions" between students.


12. Bake Sales

A school in Massachusetts decided that they wanted to try and ban bake sales because they are terrible for nutrition. Isn't that the point? Convincing people to buy sugary treats so that you can raise money for whatever trip or cause you are working on.


13. Best Friends

Several schools in England are trying to stop kids from making best friends in order to save the feelings of other kids.


What is the stupidest thing that has been banned from the schools in your area? Let us know in the comments.