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15 Absolutely Perfect Baby Photos That Will Make Any Parent Jealous

You only need 3 things to take the perfect baby photos: a good theme, some nice props, and a totally adorable little newborn (or a dog, if you don't have a baby handy).

These parents pulled it all off and have the photos to prove it - check out the list and decide which one is your favorite!

1. Every little girl is a princess (if you ask their parents)

2. Photographer Sioin Queenie Liao puts her son Wengenn into "Wonderland" with her creative snapshots

3. This little guy could be the next MVP

Johanna Holt Photography

4. All you need to send your baby on an adorable adventure is some black paper and white crayons

5. It's important to capture these memories before they're too big

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Of course these are only the photos that worked perfectly, check out these hilarious outtakes, which parents will be more familiar with.

6. Another Disney-themed photo, this time featuring a pair of classic characters

7. There are chances for amazing photos at the most unexpected times, like bath time!

8. Bring 2 different generations together for a stunning picture

9. They're a bit big now, but she'll grow into them

10. If you have some artistic flair, you can make really funny pictures

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11. Having a pair of babies really lets you stretch your imagination

12. Even if you don't have a twin, you can make it work

13. Because the only thing cuter than a baby is a baby and a dog

14. A great way to celebrate your newborn while recognizing the sacrifices his parents make

Creatively Chi Photography

15. This family from Australia love to remake classic movie scenes with their baby (this one is Jaws)

You can see more of their adorable re-creations here.

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