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15 Celebrity Relatives Who Look Just Like Their Famous Family Members

Of course it's normal for family members to share a resemblance, but when you're a dead ringer for a famous face it must make your life pretty strange. Check out these 15 stars and their family doppelgangers:

1. Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn

Of course she also looks like her famous father Kurt Russell, but you could cast Hudson in a remake of Overboard today and it would be hard to tell her and Goldie apart!

2. Emma Watson and her brother Alex

If you ever wondered what a male version of Hermione Granger would look like, now you know. Watson's younger sibling used their shared good looks to launch his modeling career.

3. Kiefer Sutherland and his sister Rachel

Of course twins look alike, but it's still freaky to look at Kiefer Sutherland and his fraternal twin side-by-side. Rachel also works in show business, as a post-production supervisor.

4. Vin Diesel's brother Paul

Paul Vincent (Diesel's real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent) was one of Hollywood's best-kept-secret siblings until Diesel shared a photo of him 3 years ago.

"The Two Pauls" Pablo and my mother would have deep conversations... she claimed, that it was no accident that this...

Posted by Vin Diesel on Saturday, March 22, 2014

The emotional post shows Paul - who looks like Vin with hair - posing with Diesel's close friend the late Paul Walker.

5. Eddie Murphy and his late brother Charlie

Sadly Charlie has passed away much too soon, but there are lots of photos of the comedian posing with his more famous brother. From the right angle you could swear the pair are twins!

Eddie (left) with his brother Charlie.Kevin Winter

6. The Third Hemsworth Brother

Quick, is this Thor star Chris Hemsworth, or his younger brother and Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth? Actually, it's neither. You might not recognize Luke - the oldest of the 3 - but he has a respectable career of his own on Australian TV.

From left to right: Liam, Chris and Luke Hemsworth.

7. Tom Cruise's cousin William

Fans of Lost may recognize Will, who played Ethan on the hit show, but not many people realize he's Tom Cruise's cousin. Keep an eye out, he also has cameos in some of Cruise's films, like Minority Report and Mission: Impossible 2.

8. Elizabeth Olsen and the Olsen Twins

No, those aren't triplets, but the Olsen twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley) do look just like their younger sister Elizabeth. Recently she's stepped out of their shadow with big roles in Godzilla and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

That's Elizabeth on the right.QNM

9. Brad Pitt's brother Doug

Like his celebrity brother, Doug is very dedicated to charity and founded the organization Care to Learn, which sends health supplies and food to needy children around the world. Try not to get confused next time you see him next to Brad on the red carpet.

10. Meryl Streep and her daughter Mamie Gummer

Streep's oldest daughter Mamie actually played her daughter in the movie Ricky and the Flash, and we can't blame the casting director. Not only do these two look alike, Mamie is a dead-ringer for her mom when they were the same age.

Learn which Melrose Place star is related to Rob Lowe on the next page!

11. Angelina Jolie and her brother James

Now that Angelina and Brad have called it quits, you may see the star walking down the red carpet with her eerily similar brother James Haven more often. Both of them also share a resemblance with their famous dad, John Voight.

12. Rob Lowe and his brother Chad

Both these siblings had roles on E.R., but you might recognize Chad from his time on Melrose Place or Pretty Little Liars. Rob also has a pair of mini-mes, his sons Owen and Matthew.

13. Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri

Amurri has actually made a career out of looking just like her famous mom, appearing as a younger version of her characters in both Dead Man Walking and That's My Boy!.

Amurri and Sarandon at the same age.Harper's Bazaar

14. Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava

We've shared celebrity children who are the spitting image of their parents before, but we've convinced that Reese Witherspoon has cloned herself because she and daughter Ava look identical.

A throwback photo of Reese (left) compared to her daughter.Elle

15. Patrick Swayze's brother Don

Patrick (left) and Don.Daily Mail

Just like his older brother, Don Swayze is an actor and dancer, but he's sadly most famous for looking just like his dearly departed sibling. Fans of Days of Our Lives and the Young and the Restless may remember Don from roles on the shows.

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