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15 Heartfelt Ways To Say "I Love You" Without Saying Anything


Do you remember having "Show & Tell" at school? Each student would bring an object to school and talk about it in front of the class. The activity was designed to help students improve their communication skills, build better connections with others, and be more creative.

It turns out that the same principle applies to loving others and showing appreciation. It's not enough to say "I love you" to your partner, friend, or family member. You have to show it.  


Everyone gives and receives love in different ways. For example, Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages explores the idea that everyone has a primary way they feel most loved: quality time, gift giving, words of affirmation, physical touch, and acts of service. If you're unsure what your love language is, take our quiz to find out!


Leah W. says her fianc´┐Ż noticed she always forgot to bring a hair tie wherever she went. "He always sticks [a hair tie] in his pocket for later when I inevitably forget to bring one when we go out," she said.

Catherine L. has a partner who sounds equally as wonderful. She claims "he warms my side of the bed for me before I come to bed."

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No matter what your love language, I'm sure you like to receive reminders that someone special is thinking about you. A bouquet of flowers around Valentine's Day isn't enough - in order to make someone else feel loved, you need to constantly invent new ways to show how much you care.

If you've exhausted your go-to gifts and "I love yous," here are some ways to show you love someone that go beyond buying chocolates or flowers.

1. Leave a note

A note can be sweeter than a verbal greeting. Randomly leave notes around for your partner that say "Have a good day!" or something equally relevant.


2. Put your partner's towel in the dryer to warm it up

There's nothing more amazing than exiting the shower on a cold day and wrapping yourself in a warm towel. If you don't have a heated towel rack, toss it in the dryer.


3. "I saw this and thought of you"

No need for grand gestures. If something made you think of someone, send them a message with the picture/article/file attached. It will warm their heart.

4. Go to their big game, concert, or event

It may not seem like a huge deal, but supporting them during their final baseball game of the year will help them feel loved and supported in the bigger things.

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5. Walking him/her to the gate at an airport or train station

Taking a trip can be scary at the moment of departure, even if none of us are willing to admit it. Wait with him/her in line and plan a romantic goodbye hug and kiss before boarding time.

6. Give them a foot rub after a long day

If your partner works long days, they'll have sore feet at the end of the day. Snuggle with them on the couch and offer to give foot rubs.


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7. Send a sweet text during the day

Some days are good and some are bad, but a few loving words from your partner during the day can make the two of you feel close even when you're apart.

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8. Plan a date night  

Date night can be fun, but if you've been together for a while, it can seem like a lot of work to come up with something original. Plan and book everything this time so you're significant other doesn't have to.  

9. Cuddle with your partner before going to work for the day

One woman claimed her husband-to-be set his alarm 15 minutes early because he wanted to make time to cuddle with her before leaving for the day. Do that.


10. Take interest in one of your partner's hobbies

Maybe you like their ant farm, maybe you don't, but act interested. It will mean the world to them, especially if they know you're doing it for them.  

11. Tidy the kitchen before your partner wakes up

If your partner was too tired to do the dishes the night before, they will be overjoyed to see a load of dishes in the dishwasher, the counters clean, and the trash taken out.

12. Visit their workplace to drop off a caffeinated beverage

Give your partner's work mates a chance to be jealous! Pay attention to the way your significant other likes their coffee for days such as these.


13. Fill the tank

Gas prices are expensive and visiting the gas station is just another thing on their to-do list. Lighten the load and fill up their car's tank.

14. Clean the shower drain

Nobody likes to do this, so it will be especially sweet if you go ahead. Changing mouse traps and squishing bugs are a few other things to do.

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15. Send them a love song

Pick the perfect track that says everything you want to tell him/her, and send it to them in an email or text message.

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