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9 Normal Things About Americans That The Rest Of The World Thinks Are Strange

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The United States of America is known around the world as one of the greatest places to live and prosper. It's one of the ideals that sets us apart from the rest of the world, but it isn't the only thing that makes us different.

In fact, there are a number of things that we have as part of our lives the rest of the world finds rather strange, not bad, just strange. With that being said, here are 15 things we have as part of our daily lives that the rest of the world just doesn't understand.

1. Refrigerating butter.

Most Americans keep their butter cool in the fridge, but it does make it hard to spread on some things. In most of the world, butter is kept at room temperature, usually on the kitchen table for easy spreading.

2. Easy cheese.

Cheese is great. Realistically it can go on almost everything, heck, we even make a cake out of it. But one thing the rest of the world doesn't understand is when we put it in a spray can. Oh well, it's still pretty delicious.


3. Pickles are freaking amazing.

Everything can be pickled to one extent or another, but nothing beats a straight up pickle. That cucumber that turns into something even more delicious than it was prior can go on a lot of different foods, and we have tested that theory. We are the world leader in regards to pickle consumption.

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4. Bigger is better.

If it can be supersized, we have tried it. Honestly, who doesn't love getting the extra-large fries on the side of their juicy burger? Okay, so bigger isn't always better, but in the case of food, bring it on. Put simply, our food portion size is a lot bigger than most of the rest of the world.

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5. Our love for college sports.

Even though college athletes are still considered amateurs, we still treat the spectacle as professional entertainment. Millions of people tune in to watch college football and basketball, and fans can be crazy for their teams (Go Michigan). In other parts of the world, especially Europe, they really don't care all that much for their college teams.

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6. We put warning labels on virtually everything.

Any product that you buy comes with warning labels, and it's more about protecting liability than actual safety. It's unfortunate that we have become a society that sues any chance we get, so businesses have had to cover all their bases. Good luck finding a "Hot" warning on a cup of coffee in Europe.


7. Sales tax is a mystery guess.

When we buy something at the store, we see the price on the tag knowing tax will be included, but not knowing exactly how much that tax will be. In other parts of the world, businesses do the math for you and include the tax on the price tag so that you know exactly how much you will be spending.

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8. Eating an early dinner.

If you are like most Americans who eat dinner at some point between 5:00 and 7:00 PM, then the rest of the world might think that to be a little strange. In Europe, dinner is usually served at 9:00 PM or later, so that people go to bed feeling full and content with the evening's festivities.

9. Tipping your servers.

Not tipping your server, or leaving an insulting tip can get you in a lot of hot water on social media these days. It turns out that in Europe, servers turn away tips from tourists because the tip is included in the price. Also wages for servers are higher in those parts of the world.

People find things strange when they don't understand them.