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16 Things That Should Have Never Gone Out of Style

You may now be happy not to have to curtsy when you meet someone new or wear white gloves to tea. These days we enjoy the convenience of FaceTime with grandchildren across the country and maybe even pay your bills online. But there are some retro customs that might be worth reviving into our world today.

From simple courtesies to old customs, there are some important values that predate technology that still hold relevence in today's world.

It's important we remember where we come from and how life before smartphones, the internet and social networks existed.

Handwritten Letters

Remember waiting for the postman to arrive with your mail, anxious to see if you got a letter from your pen pal or your love that was overseas fighting the war? There's something so personal about a handwritten note that we just don't capture through text and email anymore.

Recipe Cards

Before the world of and Betty Crocker online there were handwritten cards that your mom or friend kept in a box that held the secrets to all your favorite dishes. With ingredient stains and little notes, these instructions hold more than just the recipe.


It seems like nothing is off-limits these days, from baring it all in public, to profanity and conversations that should remain in the comfort of your own home. Would it be so awful to wind it back a bit and show a bit of modesty in our dress, behavior and speech on occasion?

Dressing Up

With jeans, T-shirts, leggings and yoga pants becoming the norm for casual wear at regular events now, I remember taking pride in getting dressed up in a cute outfit to see friends. It makes the gathering feel more special if you leave your lounge wear at home.

Baby Books

With the help of apps and social media account, parents don't document their child's milestones the way they used to. With how quickly babies grow up, these handwritten books are hardly done anymore but used to be a nice keepsake of childhood memories.

Memorizing Phone Numbers

Before you could ask Siri to call your daughter and before you could hold the number 2 on your touch-tone phone to have it call your friend, you would have to memorize numbers of the people you wanted to talk to. What would happen if you lost your smartphone and needed to call for help?

Saying "Sir" and "Ma'am"

Well these titles may seem to formal for today's youth, it's nice not to be referred to as "buddy" or by your first name from a total stranger.

Photo Albums

Remember going over to your grandparents house and leafing through old albums filled with black and white Polaroids? Now with an endless supply of photos, rarely do these pictures get printed and somehow get lost in a digital cloud somewhere.

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It may be socially acceptable to wear next to nothing to the beach or curse like a sailor in a public space, but let's not forget simple manners that make our every day interactions important.

Showing others kindness is simple, so let's bring back these important things that should have never gone out of style in the first place!

Calling Someone

Instead of sending a text or sharing a picture on Facebook to commemorate someone's birthday, why not pick up the phone and give them a call. You can even give them an off-key rendition of Happy Birthday to help celebrate.

Doing Mental Math

With calculators on everyone's phone, it seems needless to try and work out a problem in our head. Challenge yourself, because this brain exercise can really help improve your math skills.

Knowing Your Neighbors

Remember the days of Block Parties? It seems like so long ago that we would just converge onto the street to get to know one another. We are so busy making online communities that we don't know the person that lives right next to us.

Teaching Cursive

While we may be putting the focus on typing classes, learning cursive was a rite of passage in school. Getting the letters to align just right and practicing the capital "S" was a struggle we all went though.

Keeping a Diary

When was the last time you were alone with your thoughts? Away from Facebook notifications and YouTube videos, all you need is a diary and a pen. We used to journal-keep all the time and they proved to be amazing and sometimes hilarious years later.

Saying "Please" and "Thank You"

They're not just magic words they're nice to say and even nicer to hear. Let's add these ones back to our vocabulary.


Fun fedoras, floppy brims, berets and fascinators added so much flare to your outfit and really saved you on those bad hair days.


Holding the Door for Someone

Instead of letting the door slam the person behind you in the face, grab it and open it for them. The world would be a better place and we remembered our manners.

Which one resonates the most with you? Share with us!