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17 Reasons Why Every Parent Needs To Make Sure Their Kid Has A Dog Growing Up

The bond between humans and dogs start at a very young age. From the get-go, dogs are our protectors, companions and friends. From keeping our darkest secrets, to playing games, our furry friends help make each day more delightful.

Here are 17 reasons why every kid should grow up with a dog.

For when Barbie needs a ride to the party

To teach patience as an aspiring doctor

For when you need a sticker book

To keep them company on a shopping trip

To practice salon-styles for the aspiring hair dresser

To help fight crime

For when your coloring book has run out of pages

To take part in all the fun and games

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Anyone who grew up with a dog will be able to share fond memories of their adventures together. Whether it was a family road trip, getting lost in the woods or being followed around the house by your trusty companion, you could always count on your dog to be there with you when you need it most.

These dogs should win awards for the kindest (most patient) creatures to put up with what some of these kids do to them.

For an extra boost when they need it

To help with grooming


To be the perfect body pillow

For those times they feel like horsing around

To be a comfortable lounge chair when watching cartoons

To join in for the perfect snuggles

To be the perfect blanket

To pray with

And finally, to help take the blame when there's a mess