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14 Food Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


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Whether it's pouring a drink, slicing bread or even something so simple as peeling a banana we got you covered. These simple tricks will turn a tedious task into effortless action!

So next time you reheat pizza, make a sandwich or reach for a refreshing Popsicle, make sure you remember what I've taught you today.

1. Use a fork to dunk your Oreo's. Keep those fingers clean and enjoy those delicious cookies and milk!

2. Reheat that pizza with a glass of water. It helps keep your pizza from getting soggy.

3. Use a cupcake liner to stop the drips from a popsicle keeping your hands clean and stick free.

4. Microwave your citrus for more juice right before squeezing for 15-20 seconds.

5. Break off the bottom of your cupcake and make a sandwich. this makes a better cupcake to icing ratio in each bite.

6. Peel your bananas from the bottom. It keeps it from the top being mushy from trying to rip open the stem.

7. Place a wet paper towel over your rice before re-heating. It will keep your rice from getting dried out and crispy and will taste like it was freshly made.

8. Place a straw inside your ziplock to help vacuum seal your bag. This will help keep your fruit fresher longer.

9. Turn your pop can tab and place your straw through the hole. This will secure it in place and prevent the straw from bouncing out of the soda.

10.  Flip your juice carton upside down to create a steady stream when pouring.

11. Hold your wine glass by stem. It keeps your wine chilled longer by not warming up from your fingers. It also helps keep your glass from being covered in greasy finger prints especially when eating.

12. Use a paper to pull out those Pringles from the bottom of the container. Place the paper in and fold down the corner edges. It creates a funnel to easy eat.

13. Cut your bread upside down as to not squish your fresh loaf.

14. Use dental floss to perfectly cut your cheese.