Watch 2018's Best Christmas Ads - Including The Heathrow Bears And More

Heathrow Airport

As the temperature drops and festive lights start popping up around town, the feeling of Christmas spreads through the air.

But the most noticeable sign that Santa is on his way comes when the Christmas specials and holiday advertisements start airing.

Many people actually look forward to the annual commercials, including the John Lewis ad, which is always a tearjerker.

Here are some of this year's best ads, to get you into the Christmas spirit. Check back as Christmas approaches, because we'll update this list with more ads.

The Heathrow Bears Return

In 2016, Heathrow Airport debuted a cute little ad about a pair of elderly teddy bears flying home to visit family at Christmas.

The airport says they were "overwhelmed" by the love for the little stuffies, named Doris and Edward Bair, as people around the world shared the commercial.

If you somehow haven't seen the original ad yet, we won't spoil the magic (and the twist ending) until you watch it for yourself.

Many viewers admitted they were moved to tears by Doris and Edward's sweet story, so it was no surprise when Heathrow brought them back in 2017.

Their second ad was a sweet short that explored how the Bairs met and fell in love.

And, of course, the Heathrow Airport played a crucial part in their love story.

Now, the Bairs are back again, in a new holiday ad that some say is their best yet.

The latest ad opens with Doris and Edward enjoying their golden years in Florida, away from the rest of their family.

Heathrow Airport Bears Christmas
Doris and Edward are living the good life in Florida in this year's ad.Heathrow Airport

But after the winter blues set in, the couple decide to fly back home for the holidays and surprise their family.

Of course, along the way they get into trouble at the duty-free shop, and share a kiss under the mistletoe as always.

Reactions to the latest ad online already seem very positive, and the countdown to Christmas has hardly begun.

But its not the only touching holiday ad making the rounds on social media this year.

Iceland's Banned Orangutan Ad

Iceland orangutan ad
Iceland's new ad was deemed "too political" to air on TV.Iceland

The grocery chain Iceland shared their new Christmas commercial, which was created with the environmental charity Greenpeace, on the internet.

But the commercial won't be airing on TV in the UK, where the country's advertising bureau said the commercial is too political to run as an ad.

Emma Thompson - now Dame Emma Thompson - provides a voiceover for the commercial, which features a sad orangutan to raise awareness for deforestation in Indonesia.

Iceland promised to become the first major supermarket in the UK to remove palm oil from its store-brand food earlier this year. Instead of the full animated ad, they plan to air short clips about their palm oil pledge for the holidays.

Boots' Ad Is An Ode To Moms Everywhere

Boots Christmas Ad 2018
Viewers say this year's ad for Boots made them cry.Boots UK

Beauty company Boots has also made viewers cry this year, with an emotional ad about the special bond between mothers and daughters.

Set to the tune of "She's the One" by Robbie Williams, the commercial features a mother and daughter who just can't see eye to eye, until the mother's performance in her Christmas choir finally brings them together.

Viewers say the holiday ad made them genuinely emotional, because it was so relatable.

"The bit with the perfume got me cause I do that to my Mum," one woman shared on Twitter.

Which Christmas ad is your favorite so far this year?

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