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3 Winter Remodeling Projects That Are Achievable And Affordable

Winter is the month for cozying up by the fireplace, putting on your favorite holiday movie, and forgetting about renovation projects until the warmer months come again. Or so you thought. What many homeowners don't realize is that taking on remodeling projects in the winter is a totally feasible task and it can be the perfect money-saving move.

The annual expense on residential improvements and home repairs by homeowners is predicted to exceed $350 billion for every year until the end of 2019. You can expect to contribute a minimal amount to these nationwide expenses by planning certain remodeling projects for the colder months.

Why Winter Remodeling Is The Way To Go

Taking on remodeling projects in the winter is the perfect way to get out of the cold weather blues, as it gives you a task to do and something to occupy your thoughts. Beyond your personal motivation, winter is a great season for remodeling because there is typically increased contractor availability. While business for contractors tends to pick up in the spring, their winter calendars are usually very open. With fewer projects and a more relaxed workload, contractors will be able to give you their full attention during the winter and they may offer reduced rates as well.

Perfect Winter Remodeling Projects

No matter how available a contractor is, some projects are just not made for the winter. While painting your home's exterior during the cold months would not be a good investment, these projects could certainly be worth your while:

  • Installing Hardwood Floors: Winter may actually be the best time to install new hardwood floors. The dry air can help prevent the newly laid boards from gapping and you run less risk of water damage because of decreased humidity. Choosing reclaimed wood for new flooring is a great eco-friendly option, as wood makes up about 20% to 30% of construction and demolition waste, and it will do well to insulate your home for the remainder of the winter.
  • Basement Remodel: A basement renovation is another good option for a winter project, as all the work will take place underground and solidly indoors. The aforementioned decreased humidity also means that the chance of mold forming on exposed surfaces is much lower.
  • Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel: When contractors are more available, so are the materials needed for a renovation. Often during popular remodeling months, the perfect appliance or fixture you want will be unavailable because others have already snapped them up. During the winter, you won't have these kinds of troubles and a contractor will have ample time to redo your kitchen or bathroom.

This year, don't wait until the temperatures start warming up to begin your renovation projects. Get started now, when there is less competition on the market, and you'll be able to complete an easy and affordable renovation and still go on that summer vacation.

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