7 Hit Shows Getting A Spin-off In 2018


When a television show or movie finds itself successful, those people behind the shows or movies will continue to milk that success for everything that it is worth, and that includes creating any number of spin-offs to keep the story going. Many of them fail, but some do succeed and go onto roaring success.

There will be a number of spin-offs coming your way in the new year, so let's take a look at 7 of them you are likely to enjoy.

1. Grey's Anatomy - Currently Untitled

Grey's Anatomy has seen wild success for over a decade, and it has already been responsible for one successful spin-off in Private Practice. This time it will center around Ben Warren, played by actor Jason George, as he moves away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He will be the only character from the main cast that will be featured in the new show. The show is currently without a title, but it has been announced that the first season will only be 10 episodes long.  


2. Supernatural - Wayward Sisters

Supernatural has been a hit show for most of its 13 season run. I was a huge fan of the first six seasons, but have lost track of it over the years since. This will be the second spin-off from the show after their first attempt, Bloodlines failed. This time, they will focus the show on Jody Mills, the sheriff from Sioux Falls that we were introduced to multiple times throughout the series. The show will focus on the orphan girls, who are all monsters themselves, she takes in. This should be a great spin-off, look for the first episode in 2018.

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3. The Conjuring 2 - The Nun

Following the exploits of Lorraine and Ed Warren from the first two Conjuring movies, this one will focus on the demonic presence from the second movie. The demon Valak, or the yellow-eyed nun that haunts Lorraine, will be coming back to the big screen in July 2108. Not much has been announced in regards to the story, but we do know one thing, you wont be sleeping with the lights off for a while if you go and see this flick.


4. The DC Universe - Black Lightning

If you are a fan of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or Supergirl, Black Lightning will be worth checking out. Though the show wont be connected to the above mentioned shows, it still follows along the same principles. This time, a retired super-hero who has been working as a high school principal will be coaxed out of retirement to fight the street gangs plaguing his city. At the same time, his daughters will be discovering their powers for the first time.


The next four should be massive hits.

5. Sons of Anarchy - Mayans MC

Originally slated to make its debut in 2017, it is likely that Mayans MC will be moved to the 2018 slot because the end of the year is currently approaching. This show will be set 2-3 years after the end of Sons of Anarchy, and will focus on a Mayans' prospect as he tries to balance all aspects of the life he is living. The show was forced to re-cast several characters and re-shoot the pilot which could explain the delay, but if Mayans MC is half as good as SOA, we are in for a wild ride.


6. Suits - Currently Untitled

Suits is definitely in for some changes. With Gina Torres' character, Jessica Pearson leaving the show after season nine, and Meghan Markle leaving as she marries into the Royal family, something had to happen. It turns out that the currently untitled spin-off coming in 2018 will focus on Jessica Pearson as she takes on the political world of Chicago. She will still exist in the world of Suits, while doing her own thing.


7. The Bachelor - Bachelor: Winter Games

If there is one thing that a reality show is guaranteed to do, it is create any number of spin-offs. This new version of The Bachelor will be premiering in February 2018, but is coming with a definite twist: apart from showing attractive people looking for love, it will also center around a winter sports competition. We're not sure how this one is going to play out, but it should be at the least, entertaining.  


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