"90-Day Fiance" Audition Tape Released, And It's Wild


The premise of 90 Day Fiance has always been a little strange to me. The show follows couples that have applied for their K-1 visa, which is only available to foreign fiances of American citizens. Once they've applied, the couples have 90 days to decide to marry or else the visa expires and the foreigner has to leave the United States.

It opens up a lot of drama, as these couples, who often meet for the first time during this 90 day process, have to deal with the weight of marriage. It also can be hard to tell if the foreigner is simply marrying the American citizen for a green card.

However, the show has been one of TLC's most popular programs in recent years, and even inspired a spin-off called 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. This show follows couples who are still mixed-nationalities, but aren't applying for their visas just yet.

On season two of Before the 90 Days, fans met Angela Deem. The 52-year-old Georgian woman was in love with Michael, whom she met on Facebook, who lives in Nigeria. Angela was convinced that Michael was "the one," and flew to Nigeria to meet him. Her plan was to propose to Michael when she landed.

Once she was there, Angela's opinion quickly soured. She believed that the reason Michael didn't have a picture of her on his phone was because he was embarrassed of how she looked. Despite Michael explaining that having a picture of a white woman on his phone could get him arrested, Angela was mad.

Angela's outlandish behavior seemed a little out there, but thanks to a new video posted by TLC, it's clear the network knew exactly what they were getting into. The official Twitter account for TLC posted what looks to be Angela's audition tape for the show, and she's obviously aware that her antics are wild.

"I'm 52-years-old and I've been married before. I also have six grandkids," Angela begins. "I don't do Facebook a lot, but I just happened to see Michael. He's from Lagos, Nigeria. He is 29 years old. YES, I AM A COUGAR!"

You have to watch the whole video for yourself.

I guess this sort of thing is what makes for good television! There are rumors floating around that Angela and Michael have since broken up, but it's hard to prove that since there isn't any evidence on social media.

Either way, any variation of 90 Day Fiance seems like solid entertainment.

You can also check out a teaser for Angela and Michael's story.

Do you watch this show?

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