A New Swim Suit Has Just Been Released, That You Can't Get Wet


We've seen a lot of stupid things in fashion throughout the years. There are constantly trends that we are skeptical of and it seems as if fashion in 2018 has taken a serious turn for the worse. We have seen some pretty ridiculous trends this year and I think it just got a lot worse.

Probably the weirdest addition to the runway is a bathing suit, that while stylish, is "water-phobic." This wasn't just one idiotic designer either, they're starting to trend online and honestly I'm trying to figure out if I can even wear this to the beach or not?

These bathing suits are made out of a fabric that is dry clean only. They clearly state on the description, "Cannot be worn in water." Seriously, what?

The companies designing these "swimsuits" are saying they're perfect for pool parties. I don't know what these people are thinking because I thought pool parties were for, I don't know, swimming?

People on Twitter are obviously not taking this swimsuit too well and are completely calling out the company.

This is what people are saying.

One Twitter user posted a picture of the suit and underlined that it isn't to be worn in water and said, "Can someone explain to Asos how swimsuits work pls."

Although it is a very cute swimsuit, this is ridiculous. They should change the name from swimsuit to bodysuit, because this is more for someone who wants to wear as little clothes as possible and get away with it than for someone who actually wants a swimsuit for it's actual purpose.

Also, I would totally be the one to buy this suit without reading the description, and jumping in the pool only to have it fall right off me or something crazy.

2018 fashion is starting to make me very uncomfortable and I would like it to stop. First buttless jeans, now this. I have had enough and would like someone to start a petition to tell these companies we don't want their impractical clothing anymore.