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Abandoned Dog Was Trapped In A 'Prison' Of Matted Fur, But Hours Later She Can't Stop Smiling

Y'know how sometimes you get the urge to change your hair? And then when you do it changes your entire attitude? Everyone loves a good makeover to lift your spirits and remind you what happiness feels life. Dogs are no different.

Holland, the poodle-Maltese mix, learned the benefits of a good haircut and she cannot stop smiling about it! Holland was dropped off at a shelter in Chicago, covered in mats and dirt.

The staff at the shelter tried cutting the matted hair out for over two hours, but their scissors couldn't cut through them. Holland was so unused to people touching her that the whole process began to stress her out and the staff had to stop.

"A shell-like casing of matted fur covered most of her back and it looked like an exoskeleton from behind,"� her rescuers wrote on Facebook.

The staffers had to take extreme measures to groom Holland. The pup had to be sedated so they could groom her with the help of a veterinarian. Fur was matted so thick, a special scalpel had to used to cut through it.

"This was the only safe way to free her from the prison of her own fur," they said.

Now, Holland looks unrecognizable!

Holland's procedure was a success, and shockingly there were no major medical issues uncovered.

"Amazingly enough, Holland had no major health issues besides trauma to her skin," wrote the shelter. "She was bruised, had cuts in many areas and some of her skin actually started to split because it was so thin from lack of cell turnover and circulation."

But with a little TLC, Holland now looks totally different!

"Because of her new shape, Holland had a difficult time walking at first and she was in a tremendous amount of pain. She was started on antibiotics and pain medication to help keep her comfortable and heal from the inside out."

"Once healthy, we had to focus on Holland's emotional stability," the shelter wrote. "The lack of human contact and socialization, in her prior life, had greatly affected Holland. It would take TAF's therapy dog, Miller, to eventually bring her out of her shell and bring a smile to her face... she was mentored by the best."

Once she was feeling like a fun-loving dog again, it was time for Holland to find a forever home. On November 8th she was adopted, and it looks like she couldn't be happier!

"Holland immediately bonded with her new mom and dad and they were head over heels for her,"� the rescue wrote in a Facebook update. "Just look at the smile on her face! For that matter, look at the smile on all of their faces!"�

This goes to show that every dog deserves to be treated properly. No matter how bad their situation, it can almost always be healed by love.

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