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Cops Bust The Abominable Snowman With A Little Help From Santa In Hilarious Photos

St. Helens Police Department

After spending decades searching the Himalayas for signs of the abominable snowman, it turns out he was chilling in St. Helens, Oregon all along.

Police from the city arrested the yeti as part of their push to warn drivers about the dangers of drunk driving.

St. Helens Police Department

The police department's press release explains that the days between December 15th and January 1st see "some of the most dangerous driving days of the year," as people are more preoccupied with the holidays than safe driving.

Police also warned that more drivers are heading onto the roads after using drugs like marijuana, which is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.

St. Helens Police Department

To get the point across, the St. Helens Police Department recruited Santa Claus as an honorary police officer, and the jolly old elf helped them nab the snowman.

It seems that the bumble didn't get the memo about safe driving this holiday season, and police shared some hilarious photos of his arrest.

Police charged the yeti with reckless driving and DUI, as he was arrested on Monday by Officer Claus.

St. Helens Police Department

They say the creature had a blood alcohol level of .16, which is double the legal limit in Oregon.

Along with photos of the snowman being processed and thrown behind bars, the press release included his explanation that "he was driving home from a holiday party where he drank a little too much peppermint schnapps."�

St. Helens Police Department

Police also say that snowman had a court date this week, and we bet it won't go well for him considering his past behavior of trying to eat Santa's reindeer.

"Mr. Snowman is very lucky that more serious property damage or injury to a pedestrian or fellow driver did not occur,"� Officer Claus said in the press release.

St. Helens Police Department

"However, his holiday season will be significantly less cheery this year as he faces potential jail time and fines. We hope that he can be a lesson to anyone that may consider drinking and driving during the holidays."�

Hopefully everyone will see these photos and get the message! Stay safe this Christmas!

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