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Abused Twins Were Rushed To The Hospital With No Where To Turn, Brave Nurse Didn't Hesitate


When Jess Hamm, a nurse at a Florida hospital, arrived to her shift, she had no idea she would be meeting one of her future daughters.

She saw Delilah getting wheeled in the pediatric intensive care unit while she was on duty and immediately got involved in her case.

Delilah and her sister, Caroline were admitted to Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, after being severely physically abused. They were 14 months old at the time. Delilah had broken bones and a skull fracture she was also severely malnourished. The trauma she suffered was so severe that she couldn't even sit up and hold her bottle.

Jess said she immediately fell in love with her when she looked as if she was lifeless, but she was still holding onto Jess's finger. "I was like oh my gosh, I'm going to take her home," Jess told Action News Jax.

Jess soon found out that Delilah had a sister who was also in the same hospital. She then decided to adopt them both.

Jess went ahead and filed for adoption. Soon enough, she brought her new daughters home.

Here's where they are now.

Delilah and Caroline are now two years old and living with Jess. They have excelled and are now meeting their developmental goals. "They've been through so much. They're completely different kids. If you had met them when I met them, you'd be amazed," said Jess.

"I hope when people hear my story it opens them up to the possibilities of adopting."

This is truly amazing. These two baby girls were probably close to death, and most likely returning to similar circumstances after they would be released from the hospital, but Jess saved them and turned their lives around.

Not that is a nurse's job to take children out of bad situations, but I am so happy her path crossed with theirs. They got out of a horrible situation and went to a loving home where they are set up to succeed.