Airline Won't Let Dad Board Plan, Then Elderly Stranger Steps In "You're Coming With Me"


It is always a good idea to be kind to a friendly stranger because you never know when you may need them in your life again. So was the case of Rubin Swift, a proud father who had just received custody of his newborn baby girl by the courts in 2018. Rubin was an excited father who was anxiously waiting for the introduction to his daughter. Rubin was preparing to travel from Cleveland, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona to pick up his daughter.

Little did Rubin know, or suspect, that he would meet with some adversity when trying to return to Cleveland.

Many parents travel with their children by air on many occasions, but most are not aware that airlines have strict policies on the age limit for infants to travel. Rubin was not aware of this policy when he tried to bring his daughter back to his home in Cleveland. He did not realize that he would be met with an adversity when he was to take his flight back.

With his daughter in his arms, who was named Ru-Andria in respect for her father, the two proceeded to the airport. He had all necessary paperwork from the child's doctor giving permission for her to board a flight.

Rubin's daughter, Ru-Andria, was only four day old when her father came to take her home with him. After arriving at the airport, Rubin presented his paperwork from the doctor to the boarding attendant, but was not allowed to board with his daughter. The airline policy stated that no infant under the age of seven day could board a plane for travel. Rubin was bewildered, he knew no one in Phoenix, to spend the next three days needed for the baby to reach seven days. At this point, Ruben remembered a volunteer that he met at the hospital.

Rubin thought about how kind she seemed while she held his daughter before leaving the hospital. He found her phone number and gave her a call. The volunteer was an elderly stranger named Joy who showed a lot of compassion when holding the infant in her arms.

He explained the problem that he had encounter while trying to bring Ru-Sndria home, and expressed that he had no viable options for the next three days. Joy was empathetic to Rubin's plight, and wanted to help the father as he waited for his daughter to turn seven day old. Joy went to the airport and said told Rubin that he and the baby could come with her.

The actions that this elderly lady took were nothing short of compassionate and kindness. Her reactions to Ru-Andria in the hospital lead Rubin Swift to believe that she was someone in whom he could depend on in his time of dire need. It is evident that their encounter at the hospital with baby Ru-Andria was something that sparked a trust in both parties.

Joy's willingness to help this stranger showed her capacity for helping others without bias. It is always a good policy to show some act of kindness to others that you may meet. As Rubin discovered, the kindness of a stranger helped he and his daughter be safe and secure for the three days that they had to wait for her to be able to board a flight.