'America's Got Talent' Viewers Are Furious After Judges Put Through "Stupid Comedy" Act

No season of America's Got Talent would be complete without some tension and controversy. Sometimes we see the drama unfold onscreen between the judges, but other times, the viewers are involved too.

After the latest episode of the reality competition, people are now calling Season 13  the "worst season" in the franchise's history.

Viewers became furious after judges eliminated father-daughter acrobatics Sergey and Sasha Korolev despite having nothing but praises for them after they delivered an incredible performance.

"I mean, what you do, you're athletes. Your strength and power and your connection to each other is just beyond. I have to say, even though everything you did was amazing, it was almost too amazing because I just screamed the whole way through," Mel B told the duo.

Simon echoed her sentiments saying, "Hold on. It was too amazing and that's a bad thing? If this is the worst thing someone can say to you, that it was "�too amazing,' you've had a good day. I love that it's dad and daughter, and I love the fact Sasha you've got that steel in your eye. I'm always curious about people who come on this show with real talent, why have they not had the break? Maybe that's why this show exists, to give people like you a shot. This could be exciting, I like you."

Still, at the end of the day, Sergey and Sasha didn't get a ticket to the live shows. Instead, the Japanese comedic duo Yumbo Dump, who use their bellies to make noises that sound like animals, made the cut.

Fans of the show immediately took to Twitter to voice their anger and disappointment over the judges' decisions.

"I AM PRETTY DISGUSTED THAT THE GUYS WHO SLAP THEIR STOMACHS are going through, to the Live Shows!," a viewer tweeted. "Their were SEVERAL acts that were waaay more entertaining (and CERTAINLY more TALENTED) than these guys. They were best...and annoying at worst."

Another wrote: "The name of the show is America's Got TALENT. Too bad half the acts that got put through tonight barely had any. Start judging based on talent instead of how interesting their background story is and this would be a better show."

Some even said that they "might stop watching this show cause the judges don't know how to judge on talent."

The AGT twitter account attempted some damage control by posting a video of all the Golden Buzzer acts this season, but still wasn't enough to calm some fans down.

Some fans were hopeful that the producers would tap Sergey and Sasha for the wild card slot, but according to, it seems like the four-person comedy troupe Human Fountains have been given a second chance.

Do you agree that the judges made a mistake putting Yumbo Dump through?

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