Baby Hates Peas So Much She Said Her First Words


A child's first words are so special and they can come so unexpectedly. Obviously "momma" or "dadda" are the usual phrases a baby will say first, but sometimes a little one can surprise you.

Videos of children are very common, taking a look at your Facebook feed will be a testament to that, but one video on YouTube got noticed for a hilarious reason.

A couple was feeding their very young child, a job that usually results in a big mess and a lot of funny faces. The new parents got a little more than they bargained for though.

As Mom scoops the smushed peas into the baby's mouth, it's clear that she wants absolutely nothing to do with them. She turns and twists, looking like she's about to cry.

But peas are good for you, so momma persists. She choo-choo-choos the spoon in for another mouthful and gets much the same reaction.

You can hear the dad laughing in the background, but baby wasn't too happy.

Waving away another spoonful she slaps the table and says "I done" or at least makes sounds that sound a lot like it.

The parents were astounded and I'm sure were over the moon that they caught it all on tape.

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