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One Of The First Babies Born In The New Year Shares Birthday With Grandmother

Saskatchewan Health Authority

It's always a joyous occasion when a new baby is born into the world, especially when their birthday lands on another significant event.

So, it's no surprise a family is over the moon when it's newest addition was one of the first babies born in the New Year - sharing the special date with her grandmother.

Josh and Michelle Verhaeghe, of Regina, Canada, welcomed Ephina Maria Jean Verhaeghe into the world at 2:59 a.m. CST. Weighing exactly 7 lbs, she is the first grandchild for both sides of the family. Coincidently, Ephina also shares her birthday with her grandmother, Angela Antonio.

Following the birth, Michelle couldn't wait to share the news with her mother.

"I just called her on the phone.. and I just let her know, I said 'happy birthday grandma!' and I could hear her crying over the phone," Michelle told CBC.

While Ephina's due date was on Dec. 28, Michelle said she hoped her daughter would arrive on her mother's birthday, as opposed to Christmas day.

"We all high-fived and cheered and congratulated each other when we found out we were the New Year's baby," Michelle said.

Michelle was in labor for a staggering 51 hours, and said staying fit during her pregnancy led to having an easier labor experience.

"I had run half marathons in the past so lots of people compared labor to a marathon and so that made it kind of more manageable in that sense as well," she said. "Just knowing what I'd have to go through."

Do you share a birthday with any close family or friends?

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