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Babysitter Leaves Six-Year-Old Boy Locked In A Hot Car While She Ran "Errands"


My friends and family have always criticized me for leaving my full-time job to become a stay-at-home mom, but I've never regretted it, not even for a second.

There have been plenty of stories where babysitters or childcare workers have abused their positions and harmed a child.

My parents and in-laws live across the country, so when my daughter was born, my husband and I couldn't imagine having strangers take care of her.

I understand that not everyone can afford to leave their job, so it's unfortunate that there aren't enough laws to protect our kids from getting in harm's way.

For example, people should never hire a babysitter from Craigslist. I know this sounds crazy, but I actually knew a few people who looked for help on shady websites when they were desperate to find someone to take care of their children for a night or two.

They had a few bad experiences, but nothing as crazy as this:

A California babysitter left a six-year-old boy alone in a locked car for approximately two hours on June 12.

A witness called 911 after seeing a little boy in a locked vehicle with the windows rolled up.

According to Alhambra police, the child was "sweating profusely and crying," as the car heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The boy was immediately rushed to hospital and treated for a "mild case of heat exhaustion." He reportedly spent four hours getting treatment, and was able to go to school the next day.

Police said that his babysitter, 60-year-old Helen Law "was taken into custody on suspicion of felony child endangerment."

According to reports, Law left the child to "run errands." She also ate alone at a restaurant, leaving the boy behind.

Alhambra Lt. Eddie Elizalde told PEOPLE that as far as they know, Law does not have a criminal history.

Her bail was set at $100,000. The babysitter was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

According to a report by the National Safety Council, approximately 40 children die each year in the U.S. after being left alone in a hot vehicle.

As temperatures are getting warmer, we need to pay more attention to what's happening around us.

Thanks to the quick thinking of a few people walking by, this little boy's life was saved.

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[Source: PEOPLE]

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