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Waitress Denied Tip Due To Her "Bad Tattoo"

Serving staff at restaurants have a tough job. They are constantly on their feet, deal with with rude people all day, and make less than minimum wage. They count on their tips to supplement their income, which is why it's always encouraged to tip a minimum of 10%, with 15% being the average.

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However, one couple in Illinois felt their server, Samantha Heaton, didn't deserve a tip, all because of a tattoo she had on her arm. The couple left a note on the receipt, claiming her "bad tattoo" was the reason she was being jilted.

"I went above and beyond for this couple, and for them to leave that (note) kind of hurt,"� Heaton told the Rock River Times. "Like, I have bills to pay too."�

The bill came to $60, and by normal 15% tipping standards, should have come to $69 with the gratuity.

So what was so offensive about Heaton's tattoo?

On her forearm, the Buffalo Wild Wing's server has a tattoo of a rainbow colored equal sign, signifying her support for equal rights among LGBTQ members. The couple she was serving found this offensive, leaving a note that said "Can't tip someone who doesn't love Jesus! Bad tatoo [sic]"

Heaton was shocked to see the note, but stood by her beliefs. She was more concerned about the children of the couple.

"Someone asked me the other day if I would go back in time and get the same tattoo and I said, "�No I would get it bigger,"� she revealed. "The kids are going to be under the impression that it will be OK to discriminate against anybody."�

The big question on everyone's mind was how could the couple tell that Heaton didn't believe in God just by looking at her tattoo?

"I do believe in Jesus and God. I myself am a Christian,"� she said. "And, as a Christian, thou shall not judge. No matter how someone looks, you should love them for what's in their heart and how they treat you"�not for what is on the outside. As someone who came out when it was still a battle for the LGBTQ community, that's just plain rude and uncalled for. What if one day their kids grow up and want to be with the same sex, are they going to disown them? Throw them on the street?"�

Buffalo Wild Wing's has not released a statement on the controversy as of yet.

What do you think of the note left for Samantha Heaton?

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