Poor Cab Driver Finds A Bag Full Of Money, But He Didn't Hesitate To Do The Right Thing

We've all daydreamed about what it would be like to suddenly come into a huge chunk of cash. We'd go travel Europe or take a trip around the world. We could buy a fancy car and an even fancier house. The possibilities are endless.

Almost none of our daydreams involve returning that money.

It's sad to think, that in this day and age the idea of giving up a ton of money is harder to imagine than actually earning it.

Still, when cab driver Dennis Geverola dropped off his passenger and he took a look back in his car, and noticed what was left behind. A small brown sack containing over two million pesos.


Geverola drives a cab in a small city in the Philippines, that amount of money is roughly $38,000 USD. Not a small amount for any of us.

He immediately tried to find the passenger that had just left his car, but couldn't track him down. Someone might take such a situation as a sign that the money should be theirs. After all we all grew up with "finders keepers" ingrained in our heads.

Geverola wasn't about to be deterred so easily. He drove to the nearest police station, they eventually tracked down the owner and returned the cash.

The town mayor found out about his heroic act and made an example of him. Posting to her Facebook she shared his wonderful story.

On behalf of the Municipality of Sogod, I would like to commend the motorcab driver, Mr. Dennis Geverola for returning...

Posted by Imelda Tan on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

It's an important lesson to all of us. Honesty is the best policy. Even though he gave up his chance at $40,000, he's a richer man by far because he is a good one.

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