Terrific Update For Batkid, The Make-A-Wish Boy With Cancer Who Went Viral


In 2013 Miles Scott became a national sensation. He was only five years old, but already he was making headlines and getting the key to one of the country's biggest cities. Despite all the attention, chances are Miles and his family would have given anything to just be normal.

Miles was a leukemia patient, and things were looking dire. For three years he had fought his leukemia with round after round of chemotherapy. The Make-a-Wish Foundation reached out and gave Miles the thing he wanted more than anything else: the chance to save his city.

Miles, or as America came to know him, Batkid, became a huge viral sensation as he stole around San Francisco on Nov 15, 2013. With thousands of residents turning out watching him rescue a damsel in distress, defuse a "bomb" and chase an arch-villain through AT&T Park. He even got the key to the city from the mayor.

"Batkid! Batkid! Batkid!" chanted over 10,000 people who watched it all unfold.

It was an unforgettable moment, and millions of people around the world watched it all. A child stricken with a terrible disease was living his dream, and we all got to live it with him.

Now, five years later, Miles has reached an important milestone and has vanquished his arch-nemesis once and for all.

He is officially cancer free.

"This wish meant closure for our family and an end to over three years of putting toxic drugs in our son's body,"� Miles' mother Natalie said.

It seems that it wasn't all pretend either. Batkid really did make a difference that day. Following his historic adventure donations to the Make-a-Wish Foundation came flooding in.

"It was an incredibly powerful boost to our organization,"� Jen Wilson said. She was one of the people from the foundation that made Miles' wish come true.

You can learn more about the foundation or donate here.

At 10, Miles has now hung up his super hero cape and is living life as a normal kid. Playing little league baseball, helping out at home and going to school.

While he may no longer be a Caped Crusader, the world still needs its heroes. Miles story has a happy ending, and it will hopefully help millions of sick children around the world keep up their fight.

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