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13 Bible Verse Home Decorations To Keep Christ Alive In Your Home


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I'm buying a house pretty soon and something I'm really excited about is the decor! I love choosing wall hangings, color schemes, furniture, and basically anything else I need to make the space my own.

Growing up in a Christian family, there were certain bible verses that stuck with me and I tried to live by. "God is in her, she will not fall" from Psalm 46:5 always strikes a chord with me. When I start to feel down or lost, I remember that there is a higher power looking out for me to make sure I don't stumble.

There are so many beautiful lines from the bible, so why not add them to your home to keep Christ with you at all times?

1. Our Family...

This plaque paraphrases some of the most important values from the bible, citing each passage it's mentioned in.

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2. Psalm 46:10

The distressed look of this wall hanging is a beautiful addition to any room, or even a front porch.

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3. Joshua 1:9

This photo comes unframed, so you can choose the style you want around it and what will work in your home.

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4. In this house...

Another compilation which can be hung in your front entrance to let visitors know your love of God!

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5. Psalm 127:3

This is neat because it's a wall decal! It's a little larger than a wall hanging, but it's definitely a beautiful addition to a nursery!

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6. Jeremiah 29:11

This is one of my favorite passages, and I also love the shape of the decor! I'll be getting this one for sure.

You can get one here.

7. Joshua 24:15

If you're looking for something a little smaller, this handcrafted wood block is a great idea.

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8. John 15:9

Printed on a sheet of the bible, this artistic rendering of John 15:9 adds vibrancy and faith to your home.

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9. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Another wall decal to remind you that we walk with God.

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10. Proverbs 31:25

An amazing quote for your daughter or granddaughter's room to remind her she is always safe with God.

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11. Isaiah 40:31

Wall decals can be a centerpiece of a room, so why not use this one?

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12. Ten Commandments

A modernized phrasing of the ten commandments adds both flare and a reminder of our duties as Christians.

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13. Psalm 46:5

My favorite!

Get a copy here.

Which one do you like the best?

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