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You're About To Hear A Lot More About April The Giraffe - Again

Remember April the Giraffe? She was arguably the most popular animal on the planet in 2017.

April's rise to fame came when Animal Adventure Park set up a live camera to document the final days of her pregnancy and it went viral.

We all waited for what felt like eternity, but two months after his due date, the calf made his debut in April 2017, while millions of people watched.

Sadly, shortly after Tajiri's birth, the zoo had to terminate the live stream, forcing fans to say goodbye to their favorite long-necked mother-son duo. But it wasn't for long.

In June 2017, the park operators announced that due to popular demand, enamored fans will be periodically given a glimpse into April's life as a mother. They also mentioned plans to install a permanent yard camera, so people can keep track of the beloved giraffe family whenever they wanted.

While we've been keeping up with 16-year-old April and her calf ever since, there hasn't been any major updates that got us as excited as the announcement that park owner Jordan Patch just made.

While on the Today show, Patch revealed that April is pregnant again with her fifth baby!

Inside Edition

"The results are in and we are having a baby!" he told the host Savannah Gutrie, who then asked, "Who's the daddy?"

"What show is this?" Patch jokingly replied before adding, "Of course, it is Oliver the Giraffe, the same father as Tajiri."

The zookeepers hinted in a Facebook video last month that April may be pregnant but they weren't going to say anything until "we're 100% sure."

After collecting 30 days worth of "samples" (they really mean giraffe poop), they sent it to another facility for testing, which confirmed their suspicions.

Exciting news from the Giraffe Barn at Animal Adventure Park!

Posted by Animal Adventure Park on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

While the sex of the calf won't be known until its birth, we do know when to expect its arrival - Spring 2019.

"The average (gestation period) for a giraffe is 15 months," Patch explained, but, "April likes to go 16, 17, 18 ... 19 months."

By now, April and her family are used to being watched, so the process shouldn't be too different than the last time.

Patch and his staff are not only excited about sharing April's journey with her fans, they're also glad that they're able to help another healthy giraffe come into this world.

"Every calf counts," he said. "Giraffe populations have declined by 40 percent in the past 30 years, so every calf born in a captive management program means something."

The Cut/Twitter

In addition to being a source of fascinating entertainment for millions of people, perhaps April's pregnancy will once again inspire another human mom to create their own live feed and become a viral sensation, like Erin Dietrich.

Erin gave birth to her fourth child, Porter Lane, last March, just days after making an April the Giraffe parody video that made her just as famous as the Animal Adventure Park resident.

About a month later, she took her little boy to meet April and Taj and it was quite the special moment.

We can't wait to hear more about April and the upcoming baby!

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