Woman Exposes Cheating Boyfriend To All Their Friends In An Incredible Birthday Speech

Tiana Perea - Twitter

A woman from Texas celebrated her 22nd birthday in a very unique way last week, with a speech that called out her no-good boyfriend for his cheating ways in front of her friends and family.

Tiana Perea shared footage from her party on social media, and her (ex) boyfriend Santos' dramatic send-off has since been watched almost 6 million times.

After a toast in her honor, Tiana thanked her friends and family for coming, then gave a special thank-you to Santos for "making me realize that I deserve so much better."

Birthday Speech Breakup
Santos had no idea what he was in for.Tiana Perea - Twitter

"Every single person here knows that you were trying to talk to some girl named [...] about being friends with benefits," Perea said as her friends laughed at Santos.

She even revealed her friends had screenshots and other evidence of Santos' damning conversations with another woman, before telling him they were officially broken up.

"You literally sent her the same picture you sent me today," she said. "So in case you didn't figure it out, we're over and you can get the ---- out."

Warning: this video contains strong language.

In a well thought-out piece of planning, Perea's brother came down the stairs carrying a bag of Santos' things in the background just in time for him to take it and leave.

Perea's friends cheered as he walked out, and congratulated her for giving her cheating beau such an impressive send off.

"Damn!" a man in the video said. "That's cold!"

Tiana Perea
Perea says she's single after kicking her cheating boyfriend out of her life.Tiana Perea - Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, Perea confirmed that Santos had no hope of winning her back. She shared photos of herself, telling her followers, "This is me [by the way], feel free to [hit me up] because I'm single now."

The overwhelming majority of internet users have Perea's back, cheering her on just like her friends did for giving Santos the boot.

But what do you think of her viral breakup? Did Perea go too far?

Have you ever publicly broken up with someone?

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