3-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday With An Extravagant Target-Themed Party


Move aside princesses and superheros, discount super centers have won the title of best birthday party theme.

In a post from Facebook page, Love What Matters, Emily Masico said her three-year-old daughter, Charlie, asked for a Target-themed birthday party.

"Right off the bat she said, 'Target.' I laughed and was like, 'No, that's not a party, why not Trolls?' So, the more time went on I was like: 'You know what? It's different...Let's do it!'" Masico said.

Mascio decorated the house in homemade Target symbols and bought large letter-shaped balloons to spell out "Target" and "Caf�." Along with a Target-themed cake, Mascio also set up her own Target Caf�, with menu items including hot dogs, Pizza Hut, popcorn, and red and white chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos.

"She woke up from her nap when everything was decorated and she was just in awe," she said.

Going the extra mile, Mascio added a makeshifth "Dollar Spot"� for guests to pick their party favours. She used an old toy bin and filled them with bulk items. Her local Target provided checkout bags and stickers, where the kids used them to go "shopping."

Mascio said Charlie most likely got the idea of a Target-themed birthday party from the frequent trips to the retailer the pair would make together.

"She truly loves Target. She knows when Target is close and asks if we can go. When she was born, she was a 28 weeker and I was struggling with being cooped up inside. I would load her up and off to Target we'd go!" Mascio said. "I would go [one to two] times a week just to get out of the house. So maybe she just grew to love it from those early experiences together."

What is your favourite birthday party theme?

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