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Your Birthstone Says A Lot About Your Personality

Do you know what your birthstone is? Mine is a pearl, and when I turned 16 my parents gave me a stunning set of pearl earrings with a matching necklace. It's one of my most prized possessions.

I've always known my birthstone was a pearl, but I don't think I ever knew what that meant. But just like each zodiac sign reveals certain personality traits about yourself, so does your birthstone.


Garnet means "the guiding light," which is a perfect way to describe anyone born in January. They are ambitious and compassionate leaders, and love taking charge. This also means, however, that those born in January are stubborn in there ways.

Those with Garnet as their birthstones value their relationships with others and know their own self-worth.


King Jeweler

Those who wear the amethyst are protected from darkness and seduction. Anyone born in February are pure and serene, and have an aura of loyalty around them. Intelligence, respect, and intense spirituality are all great qualities of anyone with the amethyst as their birthstone.  

You're a great person for people to go to when they have problems, because you have a gentle nature.


Kingstone Gems

Aquamarine means "seawater," and sailors often used it to protect themselves from a storm. People born in March consistently seek balance in their lives, and want to travel the world.

Anyone with aquamarine as their birthstone have an extreme passion for justice and integrity, which draws other people to you because they trust you and all your choices. Your honesty inspires others to live the same way.


American Gem Society

Thought it may not always be a good thing, those born in April can be extremely hard-headed. Just like a diamond, one of the hardest substances in the world, one of your best traits is your strength no matter how difficult the situation is.

There's also a reason that these stones are used for marriage proposals. It symbolizes love, eternal happiness, and forgiveness.


American Gem Society

Time for a little history! Nero, a Roman Emperor, would often use an emerald as a way to improve his eyesight while watching gladiator fights. It would make sense, then, that those with the emerald as their birthstone has a clear focus on their goals.

One of your gifts is bringing people together, but some people may find your drive and motivation a little off-putting. Don't let that stop you, though! Those who truly care about you will support your dreams, not discourage them.


India Mart

Those born in June are represented by the pearl, which is different from all other birthstones. The pearl is made of organic matter, which makes June babies more in touch with nature. It also allows them to be emotionally aware, perhaps more so than any other group of people.

You love making your friends laugh, and your friends love your patience and modesty. Some people find you unapproachable and harsh, but they just don't understand who you are and that you are actually very sensitive.

June is one of two months with multiple other birthstones, although pearl is the most popular. Moonstone and alexandrite are also recognized.



Perhaps the most ambitious of all the months, July babies are represented by the ruby. They have a flair for the dramatic, but this is only because they feel emotions more sincerely than anyone else.

Those born in July have a tougher time making friends, but only because they want to make sure the people they let in are the right ones. The friends July babies DO have get their full loyalty.


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Those born in August are represented by the bright peridot, which is fitting because August babies sparkle with confidence and happiness.

Peridots used to be used to ward off evil and depression, and those born in August are a light to those around them. Friends and family come to you and when they are feeling sad, because they know you can find the light in the darkest of places.


Birthday Gems

Fakeness? No thank you. Those born in September value authenticity in everything, most importantly your relationships with others. Your memory is long and specific, which can often drive people crazy, but it's something you value.

You find yourselves in positions of power a lot, but your calmness and wisdom makes it the perfect spot for you. Sapphires are often associated with beauty, which September babies have on the inside and out.


Canadian Jewelers Association

A rainbow stone for a rainbow person. Those born in October are vivacious and as colorful as the rainbow. They love meeting new people and being spontaneous on a daily basis. You're often noticed by others, and that's totally fine by you.

You are pretty emotional, but you can easily forgive and forget.

October is the other month with multiple stones. Tourmaline is also recognized.



Your unique way of thinking makes you think there's a way to do everything, and you won't stop until you find it. You are thoughtful, and your friends know you will always be there for them.

You make your own luck, though you never brag about your good fortunes. Everyone admires your patience and joy, and it rubs off on those around you.



An extremely rare stone to fine, those born in December are one of a kind. Everyone always wants your advice because they know your wisdom is above and beyond. You don't mind it, though, because you love being the center of attention and getting praised when things work out.

You are fiercely loyal and protective of your friends and family, and you would go to the ends of the earth for them. Your boldness will lead you to success, no matter what you do.

What is your birthstone?

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