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"Bones" Cast Members Net Worth Revealed, And It's More Than A Squintern

Bones ran for 12 seasons on Fox, and it was one of the best crime dramas ever created. The mix of humor, romance, and suspense made it enjoyable to watch, week after week.

Part of the show's appeal was that you could tell just how much the actors loved being together. In fact, another actress was already set to play Temperance Brennan, but when creator Hart Hanson saw how Emily Deschanel interacted with David Boreanaz (Booth), he immediately changed his mind.

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When a show runs for 12 seasons, you can't help but wonder how much money the actors raked in.

1. Eric Millegan


Dr. Zack Addy may have only appeared in three seasons of Bones, but he was one of the most beloved characters. Millegan left the show after his character was sent to an insane asylum for being part of a murderous cult. He's had a few TV and film roles, as well as Broadway success.

NET WORTH: $750,000

2. Tamara Taylor


Did you know that Dr. Camille Saroyan was supposed to be killed off the show in season 2? Taylor's role was intended as a guest spot, and Saroyan was supposed to die when she was poisoned in the second season. However, fans loved the Canadian actress so much, the producers turned her role into a main character. She stayed on the show until the series ended.

NET WORTH: $4 million

3. T.J. Thyne


The sarcastic, conspiracy-driven, and charming Dr. Jack Hodgins was a main character on Bones since the beginning. Up until the seventh season, he, along with other co-stars Tamara Taylor, John Francis Daley, and Michaela Conlin, were making around $30,000 per episode. They were given a pay bump for the seventh season, which saw them bring in around $60,000 per episode!

NET WORTH: $10 million

4. Michaela Conlin


Angela Montenegro was the biggest fan of Booth and Brennan's relationship, and that's probably why the audience connected with her so well. She was the voice of reason in a room full of scientists and a mainstay on the show for all 12 seasons. She had small roles in other shows and films, but Bones is Conlin's biggest hit.

NET WORTH: $4 million

5. John Francis Daley


Introduced in season three, Dr. Lance Sweets became arguably the most lovable character on Bones. The humor he brought was unmatched, and his sudden death at the beginning of season 10 left a bad taste in the mouths of many fans.

"I really did feel like I was losing a part of me. I had so much compassion for him. He was such a good person... He had gone through so much, and to see him die in such a grim way was shocking."�

Daley was lined up to take a directing job and had asked for time off from the show, but the producers felt they couldn't have him leave and come back, so they killed off his character.

"It was a sacrifice for sure," Daley revealed.

The actor-turned-director recently wrote the Spiderman: Homecoming film.

NET WORTH: $5 million

6. Emily Deschanel

Bones is without a doubt Emily Deschanel's biggest hit. Her role as Dr. Temperance Brennan introduced audiences to a strong, intelligent, and independent woman whose career was her main priority. Over time, we watched as Brennan evolved and changed, while still keeping her logic and reasoning at the forefront. Her relationship with Seeley Booth made fans fall in love even more than they already were. Deschanel became a co-producer as well as a director on the show as the seasons progressed.

NET WORTH: $30 million

7. David Boreanaz

Agent Seeley Booth, to many, was the perfect combination of loving, protective, dramatic, and good-looking. He always had an answer, and even when he didn't, he could still figure something out. His hard-headed nature could get him into trouble, but over time he became a family man. Boreanaz was no stranger to the industry when he landed the part, of course. Starting out in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Boreanaz got his own spin-off show from his character, called Angel. The show ran from 1999-2004, and just one year after it ended he became Agent Seeley Booth. Like Deschanel, Boreanaz took on the role of director and producer for multiple episodes of the series. Reportedly, both he and Deschanel raked in a massive $250,000 per episode throughout the entire series.

NET WORTH: $30 million

Who was your favorite character on Bones?

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