George W. Bush Shared A Funny Moment With Michelle Obama During His Father's Funeral


Burying a parent is one of the hardest moment's of anyone's life. It's saying goodbye to your first sense of safety, your first feeling of love, and comfort. No matter who you are and what you've been through, it's a painful experience.

That makes it all the more amazing that George W. Bush could still be his trademark jokester self with the wife of the man who replaced him.

Michelle Obama and George W. Bush have the most unlikely friendship in politics. He was one of the most controversial presidents in modern history, and she is a favorite target of right-wing criticism.

George W Bush White House

Still, these political polar opposites have such a warm relationship that it brings a smile to anyone's face. The two are often seated next to each other during big events, like presidential inaugurations, state funerals, and memorials.

"She kind of likes my sense of humor. Anybody who likes my sense of humor, I immediately like," he said of Obama.

During the funeral of Senator John McCain, the pair went unexpectedly viral when Bush was seen handing Obama a cough drop. It's not the only friendly moment they've shared, but it was the most famous.

It's so impressive, that right before he was about to give a stunning, emotional eulogy for his father, that Bush had the consideration to relive that light-hearted moment.

As he entered the cathedral were mourners had gathered to pay their respects to his father, Bush shook hands with President Trump and the First Family and former President Obama. He then reached over and put something in Michelle's hands. She immediately broke out into a wide grin.

It was a lovely moment on what would be a day otherwise full of tears. I hope that we see this unlikely duo back in action during happier events soon.

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