10 Celebrities Whose Weird Eating Habits Will Make You Lose Your Appetite

Fans often place their favorite celebrities on a pedestal, but the truth is when you actually get to know them, they have quirks that may disappoint you.

Hollywood's biggest stars may have lavish lifestyles and access to some of the best quality foods in the world, but that doesn't mean that their diets are all that great.

There are many, like President Donald Trump, whose diets involve a lot of junk food. Trump eats a lot of McDonald's burgers, meatloaf sandwiches, ice cream, and diet soda.

Then there are those who have a habit of eating unusual foods that would make you lose your appetite just thinking about it.

1. Channing Tatum - PBJ & Cheetos sandwich


It's hard to look at the Magic Mike star and not wonder what he eats to maintain such a fit body.

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Tatum admitted to sticking to a balanced diet, but his cheat day meal is only for the adventurous.

The actor revealed that his favorite treat is a sandwich made with peanut butter, grape jelly and Cheetos on white bread. He insisted that it is delicious, but we'll just take his word for it.

2. Marilyn Monroe - Raw eggs & milk


The late bombshell's eating habits were as unique as she was.

Monroe didn't always have time to sit down for a complete meal in the morning, so she came up with a concoction that would give her all the nutrients she needed without too much effort.


The actress used to mix two raw eggs into warm milk for a to-go breakfast.

"I doubt any doctor could recommend a more nourishing breakfast for a working girl in a hurry,"� she said when asked about her strange choice.

3. Hilary Clinton - Jalapenos

The Daily Beast

The former first lady and 2016 presidential candidate has an odd snacking habit.

According to one of her former aides, there's not a day that goes by that she Clinton does not request a plate of jalapeno peppers.

Pepper Scale

No, not jalapeno poppers. That wouldn't be weird at all. Clinton likes to keep it spicy by snacking on the raw green peppers.

"There was not a day or minute that went by that we didn't have a full plate of raw jalapenos...she ate them like potato chips," revealed the aide.

Apparently, she picked up this habit in 1992 after reading about the positive effects hot peppers can have on the immune system.

4. Kourtney Kardashian

Entertainment Tonight

The oldest of the Kardashian-Jenner brood is known for her extremely strict diet, which apparently includes drinking clarified butter, or ghee.

While some people have a sip of tea, coffee or a smoothie, Kardashian drinks the fatty liquid every morning as soon as she wakes up.

Shape Magazine

"I take one big teaspoon of ghee every morning and melt it on the stove in a pan and drink it out of a cute little ceramic white cup," she explained on her website. "After I take it, I don't eat anything for 20 minutes, and then I drink a glass of water before eating food."�

5. Selena Gomez - Pickle juice popcorn

Nicki Swift

How do you like your popcorn? I personally prefer the salty and sweet Chicago style, which is a mix of caramel and cheddar cheese flavored kernels.

But some people, like singer Selena Gomez, are a lot more daring when it comes to their flavor choices.


Gomez revealed that she enjoys what she called "Texas-style" popcorn, which is made with Tabasco sauce and pickle juice.

6. Scott Foley - Scrambled eggs & peanut butter

NY Daily News

The Scandal actor was caught in a real-life controversy when he revealed that he and his family add put peanut butter on their scrambled eggs.

"It's a family thing, it's a protein thing," he said in a video posted on Instagram.

Good morn! Give it a shot. Seriously.

A post shared by Scott Foley (@scottkfoley) on

Foley later defended his choices in a separate video that was also uploaded to the photo sharing platform.

"It's so good. Don't knock it till you try it,"� he said.

7. Jennifer Lawrence - Chili-pizza sandwich


Being on a strict diet is hard because it requires a lot of discipline and willpower, so for most people, whenever the chance to have a cheat meal presents itself, they take full advantage of it.

Take Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence for example. The Oscar-winning actress's go-to cheat meal is a gluttonous creation she calls a chili-pizza sandwich.


"You have a piece of pizza, you put chili in it with noodles, like southern chili with noodles, and then another piece of pizza, and then you eat it like a sandwich," she explained.

8. Shainlene Woodley - Clay

Us Weekly

The 26-year-old actress was on David Letterman's show when she revealed that she eats small amounts of edible clay as part of her diet.

"Clay binds to other materials in your body and helps your body excrete those materials that aren't necessarily the best for you," the Divergent star explained during the late night show.

According to experts like Paul Mackey, owner of Natures Cleansing Clay, eating it is beneficial to your immune system's health, balances your pH levels, and removes toxins from your body.

9. Karl Lagerfeld - Steamed apples & Diet Coke


The creative director for one of the world's largest fashion houses Chanel, maintains his svelte figure by carefully monitoring his diet.

Largerfeld allegedly does not eat too many solid foods, and always skips lunch.


Aside from having steamed apples and a protein shake for breakfast, the designer consumes Diet Coke or Pepsi Max from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep at night. He drinks up to 10 cans per day.

10. Mariah Carey - purple-colored food diet


After the birth of her twins, the "Vision of Love" singer had trouble shedding the pregnancy weight, so she started following a diet that only allowed her to eat purple-colored foods three times a week.


"The diva has thrown herself into a new diet: three days a week, she eats purple foods like plums, grapes and eggplants - and is already loving the results," reported Star magazine.

Apparently, these foods have anti-oxidant properties that are beneficial for overall health.

Do you find these celebrity eating habits weird? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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