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Top 5 Cheesy Christmas Movies On Netflix That You Absolutely Have To Watch

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Listen, while everyone else is out here packing up the turkey and planning out their leftover sandwiches, some of us are already onto the next big holiday: Christmas.

I know that there isn't much downtime in the holiday season between all the family dinners, work parties, and shopping, but when you get a moment to yourself the best thing to do is watch a movie.

Sure, you could watch a movie that will raise some deep questions or teach you a valuable lesson, but around Christmas, we're all way too tired for that.

What we all really need is some good, trashy, nonsensical Christmas romances that are so predictable we already know what's going to happen by the time the opening pop song topped with sleigh bells plays as we pan down to a snowy scene.

Why are these formulaic movies so ideal? Well, by the time we reach November and December we're all exhausted. We've got too much going on and a month full of stressful and busy days, so why not just shut our brains off for an hour and a half?

There's something so delightfully nostalgic about a Christmas rom-com even if it's brand new. As silly as they are, you know it's just for fun and you don't have to invest in it too much.

But how do you know which one to watch? Luckily, you can find a lot of good options, but even I have to admit, there are some that just aren't the best.

There's a certain x-factor that is necessary to take a regular bad movie to a great bad movie that you actually want to watch. So if you need help finding them, here's the ones you should add to your list:

A Christmas Prince

I know you've probably already watched this one, everyone has. But watch it again.

The movie was made for Netflix and was released last year, and it was everything we all wanted it to be. Whether you were confused by our lead characters poor note taking or the fact that she wasn't arrested for trespassing in the palace of Aldovia, the movie managed to become an instant classic.

It was so popular that Netflix actually made a sequel! That's right, part two of A Christmas Prince saga is being released on November 30th, so get yourself ready and watch the first one before it does. There's clearly a lot of important details you need to keep up with in this complex plot.

The Princess Switch

In an It Takes Two / Parent Trap-style movie, two identical women trade places. One's a rich duchess of a country that certainly isn't real, while the other is a baker from Chicago.

Cut to two women struggling to fit into these different worlds, and obviously falling in love within 48 hours. That's the best part about a bad Christmas rom-com, right? No matter what the situation is, they pretty much have about a week to fall in love.

Christmas Wedding Planner

One of the best wedding tropes of any Christmas rom-com is the fake relationship. The Christmas Wedding Planner takes it to the next level though, because the character is planning a wedding for her cousin, and when the cousin's ex-boyfriend shows up, she has to team up with him to investigate the fiance.

It's all a very convoluted way to get them to pretend to be dating and spend a lot of time alone together, but you know what, it's perfect. And it gets bonus points because Joey Fatone, yes, *Nsync's one and only, is in the movie.

Christmas Inheritance

Another one of the best movie plots is when the big city rich person has to go "back to their roots" and spend time in the country.

We get to watch as an heiress is forced into this tiny little town, but obviously as time goes on she falls in love with that sweet and simple life. Just kidding, she falls for a guy who lives there. It's a Christmas rom-com, what did you expect?

The Holiday Calendar

Personally, I always thought the point of an advent calendar was to get chocolate, but in this movie, the girl gets literal magical gifts every day. I don't know about you, but I would love to live in a world where I got daily miracles instead.

The love story in this one? Well, there's a best friend and a new guy she just met, but I'll let you watch to find out what happens.

So if you've already watched all of these, and you need more, there are some super helpful codes you can use that'll unlock the entire catalog that Netflix has based on your desired category.

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Which is your favorite bad Christmas movie?