"Teen Mom 2" Star Welcomes Third Child, And They Have An Extra Special Connection

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Obviously every mother shares a connection with their children. They're your kid, after all! But Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea DeBoer shares something extra special with her new baby girl.

DeBoer, who fans might know better as Chelsea Houska (her maiden name), announced that she and her husband Cole were expecting their second child together. Chelsea also has another daughter from a previous relationship.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 love and support Chelsea after seeing her grow into an amazing young woman. Her story was well-documented, as the father of her daughter Aubree was a drug-addicted flake. He famously asked where he can "sign over the rights to that mistake," referring to his child.

Favorite girly

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It took some time, but eventually Chelsea learned how to stand up for herself, and took control of her life. She raised Aubree on her own and was one of the more level-headed Teen Moms.

In 2014, Chelsea made her relationship with Cole public, and she never looked back. Cole proved himself to be an amazing boyfriend and step-father to Aubree. He even accompanied her to her father-daughter dance!

Chelsea and Cole tied the knot on October 1, 2016. Four months later, the couple welcomed their first child together, a little boy named Watson.

He is just like Daddy!!!! ❤️😍👌🏻@chelseahouska

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Of course, both Chelsea and Cole have amazing connections with their kids, but the newest member of the DeBoer family has something extra special with mom.

On August 26, Chelsea gave birth to a little girl named Layne, and it just so happened to be the same day as Chelsea's birthday!

Happy birthday to YOU, sweet baby Layne 🖤

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Little Layne has already been spoiled with love, as she should be! Her brother and sister were very excited to welcome her home.

My sweet little loves 🖤

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And it also looks like Layne has daddy wrapped around her finger already!

While some people commented that it was Cole's first daughter, anyone who watches the show will know this is not the case. Cole has always treated Aubree as one of his own, and even when Chelsea told Cole he'd be having a daughter, his response was "Wow! Another girl!"

Cole and Aubree are so close, the nine-year-old even asked to have her last name changed to match his. After fighting the courts, the DeBoers won. Her name was changed to Aubree Skye Lind-DeBoer. Lind is her biological father's last name.

When the name change happened, Chelsea broke down in tears, thrilled that she and her daughter would finally share the same last name.

Little throwback to this good day ❤️ look at that face 😍😩

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Congratulations to Chelsea and Cole on their newest little one!

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