Chick-Fil-A Just Announced Nationwide Delivery Service


It just got a lot harder to resist the urge for delicious chicken.

For a fast-food restaurant Chick-fil-a brings up a lot of different opinions, and usually not even about their food. We've seen a lot written about them before, from amazing acts of kindness from their employees, to protests about their political stances.

This article is bound to make a lot of people happy though.

Chick-fil-a, which had been testing delivery options with a service called DoorDash, is ready to go big.


Select markets experienced the joy of Chick-fil-a delivery, but the company just announced they'll be unveiling national delivery service before the end of the year.

Over 1,100 restaurants just became a lot busier with the news, and the company is promising that everything on their menu will be available for delivery.

The company has been looking at this option since 2017 and has invested in their point-of-sale systems to make sure their customers remain happy.

McDonald's began delivering in small markets just two years ago, and now has over 5,000 locations that deliver Happy Meals. Chick-fil-a might creep into their customer base now that they've seen the light.

Chick-fil-a Car

"So many of our guests' busy lives and family commitments have them strapped for time. If they're unable to come to us, we'll come to them," said Jon Bridges, Chick-fil-a Vice President, to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

It's hard to imagine this move isn't successful. Chick-fil-a made over $9 billion last year, it'll be interesting to see how high this chicken can fly now.

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