Mom Who Spent Thousands Of Dollars On Christmas Gifts Won't Let You "Guilt Trip" Her

Kristy Nowak - Facebook

You have to hand it to mother-of-three Kristy Nowak of Australia, she's not afraid to give her kids what they want, even if that means facing criticism from other parents.

This week, Nowak showed off the hoard of Christmas gifts she bought for her three children - Emery, Autumn, and Kainan - and revealed she spent more than $2,100 on the presents altogether.

And while flaunting her Christmas haul, the mom insisted she won't be "guilt tripped" by parents who say she spent too much.

Christmas gifts pile
Nowak says she spent thousands buying gifts for her three little ones.Kristy Nowak - Facebook

Nowak said that the piles of toys, games, and other treats are stashed throughout 14 closets in her home, and has been collecting the pile piece-by-piece for the last five months.

"I'm usually not this organized," she insisted. "A few years ago I left it to the last four days and panicked. I swore I'd never do that again."

If you're thinking you would like to switch places with Nowak right now, remember that she has to wrap those hundreds of presents (and she insists she "loathes" wrapping).

Christmas Gifts
The mom-of-three pushed back against parents who shamed her holiday spending.Kristy Nowak - Facebook

While no one was brave enough to criticize Nowak on her own post, images of her sleighful of presents were shared in parenting groups, where the real mom-shaming began.

For the record, we think it's great that Nowak's kids will get to enjoy all these gifts, but other parents were real Grinches about it and insisted she was spoiling her offspring.

Thankfully, Nowak didn't let her critics go unanswered.

"Society will try let you believe [sic] there is [something wrong with spoiling your kids] or try guilt trip you for it [sic]," she wrote.

In case you're curious how your holiday shopping habits measure up to the general public, Gallup has polling data that might surprise you:

This year, Americans are expected to spend a little more to fill up the space under there tree, with the average person spending $885 on gifts.

Christmas shopping
You'll probably spend much more than you expected to on Christmas gifts.jill111 - Pixabay

The largest group, 33% of people polled, say they expect to spend $1,000 or more on gifts alone. And just 3% say they'll spend $100 or less.

If those numbers shock you, bear in mind Gallup says actual spending tends to be higher than people guess. So it may be a white Christmas this year, but we'll all spend January in the red.

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How much have you spent on gifts so far?

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