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Cleaning Wipes May Not Be As Good As You Think, But An Old Fashioned Product Could Save The Day

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I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a bit of a neat-freak.

Of course I insist my family members wash their hands before dinner. But it goes a little further than that.

I keep a laundry list of cleaning products in my kitchen cabinet. Some are store bought, and others are my own special recipes.

I don't just clean to keep my family happy and healthy (although that's a big part of it). In fact, I find it genuinely relaxing to grab a tube of disinfectant wipes and scrub down my kitchen.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that a germ expert calls those handy cleaning wipes "a waste of money."

"I don't waste my time"

It's easy to see why those wipes are so popular: they're good at cleaning almost any surface, and they promise to kill the germs that make you sick.

But are they actually keeping that promise? Dr. Clare Lanyon says no, they aren't.

The biomedical science expert told The Telegraph that you should keep these wipes off your grocery list.

She explains that germs can reproduce in just minutes, and unless you clean every single one, they'll just keep multiplying.

That means just minutes after you finish cleaning, those nasty germs are already multiplying on your kitchen counter.

So what should you buy instead? Surprisingly, the good doctor has a very old-fashioned suggestion.

Quality, not quantity

According to Dr. Lanyon, the key to cleaning your home is to use the right product, but only once.

You could wipe down your countertops with antibacterial wipes, but in less than 12 hours you would see "dramatic growth" of bacteria.

Instead of cleaning over and over again, Lanyon suggests a thorough cleaning with a bar of soap.

Yes, a regular bar of soap is chock full of ingredients that kill germs, according to Lanyon.

And it definitely won't cost you as much as those fancy wipes.

Buy a bar

Keeping your home germ-free isn't the only clever way to use a bar of soap.

Patients living with chronic pain and restless leg syndrome swear that tucking a bar of soap under their fitted sheets reduces their symptoms.

You can also rub the soap on stains to pre-treat them for the wash. A quick rub with some soap will even help a jammed zipper slide more easily.

Whatever you use to clean your kitchen, Lanyon recommends giving any surface a thorough wash after you place raw food on it.

Will you stop buying wipes after learning this?

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