23 Food Fails That Prove Cooking Should Require Some Type Of License

Listen, I've had my fair share of cooking mishaps. I made a DELICIOUS broccoli cheddar soup. But as I was straining out the soup so it wouldn't be lumpy (I hate lumpy soup) I realized that I didn't put anything under the strainer, and I just watched as my soup funneled down the sink.

But at least I didn't melt my stove, like some of these people did.

If you ever wanted to feel better about your cooking skills, look no further. Unless you're one of the people on this list, in which case...might I suggest takeout?

1. A tray might have been worth a shot.

melted pizza
Bored Panda

2. If this was me, I'd be getting rid of the evidence.

melted burner

3. Someone please call 911, I need to report a crime.

bologna tacos

4."I can see clearly now, the grain is gone."

glasses in bread
My Love Box

5. They're just REALLY excited to be eaten.


6. So many questions, so few answers.

kitchen explosion
Duke Gonzo

7. Why are they puking?

Bored Panda

8. It's like a pizza mushroom cloud!

melted pizza

9. Seriously, how often are people launching their pot lids into the ceiling?

lid in ceiling

10. It's actually impressive that you managed to do this.

mug in microwave

11. What were you cooking? Lava?


12. Why is this baby meatloaf a thing? WHO THOUGHT OF THIS? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?

meat baby

13. Think less bachelorette party, more school bake sale.

banana pops
Bored Panda

14. Honestly, what happened to the world? We used to be normal.


15. Never steam hot dogs. They shouldn't look fuzzy.

steamed hot dogs
Shirtsy Bear

16. I want to hate this, but it's almost smart.

coat hanger kabobs

17. Not-so-sweet Potatoes

burned potatoes
Prolix Prolix

18. This is supposed to be bread. Did you maybe forget something? Like the right ingredients?

crumbly bread

19. Basic kitchen knowledge: plastic melts

melted tray

20. Mac and Cheese should be one color: chemically-enhanced orange


21. This is apparently a hamburger, but it looks like a ham-booger.


22. This takes skill. Not good skill, but skill.


23. Morgan is probably dead now.


What's your worst food fail?

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