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Baseball Team's Newest Ballpark "Treat" Left The Internet Confused, Scared, And Kinda Hungry


I don't often go to baseball games, but when I do, I love getting a classic ballpark hot dog! Something about it just feels so American and traditional, there's really no better snack to indulge in.

But a lot more ballparks have been trying to spice up their food game recently. Everyone wants to try something new, so why not capitalize on it?

That's exactly what the Eerie SeaWolves tried to do with their "Sugar Rush Night," although it's too soon to tell whether or not it was a good idea.

The SeaWolves introduced a candy-covered hot dog in a cotton candy bun, and no, I didn't make that up.

The hot dog is coated with Nerds candy, then wrapped in what appears to be cotton candy that has been squished by hand in order to form a bun. Not what I would necessarily call appetizing.

The team asked some of their players to try out the new concoction, and there were mixed reviews.

One player referred to it as "not too bad" which is about as high praise as you can get for...whatever you want to call this. Is it dessert? Is it a meal? Who knows.

Someone who tried the cotton candy hot dog, Rick Johnson, said it was "pretty good."

And a Twitter user who goes by the name Morg Lizard Wizard said he'd try it.

"Don't at me but that cotton candy hot dog looks like something I would eat."

But Rick and Mr. Lizard Wizard seem to be the only ones with that sentiment.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County didn't think it was that great.

"We will send you some gear if you promise to never do this again," they wrote on Twitter.

Another user was equally as offended: "I won't even start with the fact Cotton candy on its own offends me, who says  'oh say you know what would go great with this hot dog? Nerds and cotton candy.'"

Kevin B. Duff was just flat-out confused: "Not sure I understand this concept.  Wrapping a hot dog in cotton candy and putting sprinkles on top seems both disturbing and disgusting."

One person even said "We need another Ice Age" and I don't think they were referring to the movie franchise.

But Nathan Patel had the most important question of all:

"Is this a sandwich?"

I'm going with no, but would you ever try this crazy food?

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