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New Lineup Hints "�Days Of Our Lives' Could Be Cancelled For Good

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"Like sands through the hourglass,"� our favorite shows slowly slip off TV.

We're still recovering from earlier this week when one of the Grey's Anatomy stars announced they were planning their exit, and now here comes even worse news.

If you live for daytime TV drama, then Days of Our Lives must be one of your favorite shows.

But the long-running soap is in danger of being cancelled as another show joins NBC's lineup.

Good News, Bad News

Fans have been following the highs and lows of Salem's townspeople on Days since 1965, but may need to ready their goodbyes for 2019.

In a twist of fate, the exciting news that recording artist and The Voice judge Kelly Clarkson is getting her own daytime talk show might have put the final nail in DOOL's coffin.

The singer's new show - premiering on NBC just after Days' current season wraps next year - has TV gurus convinced the soap will be dropped from the network's daily lineup.

A number of cities will run Clarkson's show as the lead-in to The Ellen Show, as a one-two punch of popular talk shows.

While Clarkson's show will not run in the Days time slot, the appeal of two huge chat shows back-to-back could be enough for NBC to finally bid farewell to the soap.

The End Of An Era

Another show dreading Clarkson's premiere is Steve, Steve Harvey's own daytime talk show, which is set to be replaced by Clarkson in most markets.

So far, Days has only been renewed until next summer, and has already been on thin ice for a number of years.

While the show has its dedicated fans, it has been losing audiences to more popular daytime shows for years.

As Deadline joked last year, the series (currently in its 54th season) is just one year away from getting senior discounts, and maybe it's time for a change after all.

Days has earned 52 Daytime Emmy Awards, and still airs in more than 24 countries.

General Hospital, which premiered in 1963, remains the longest-running American soap opera still on TV.

Only time will tell when the hourglass runs out for Days of Our Lives.

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Do you still watch Days? Would you be upset if the show was cancelled?

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