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Woman Sparks Fierce Debate After Getting Caught Dunking Chicken Fingers In Coke

ESPN - Twitter

When it comes to our taste buds, no two people are bound to enjoy the exact same things.

Some people prefer to dip their french fries in mayonnaise, while others prefer to stick to good, old-fashioned ketchup.

And although there are plenty of food combinations we can all agree go a bit too far, like pineapples on pizza and peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, one woman stunned the public when she was captured with her unusual food pairing at the U.S. Open.

On September 3, ESPN posted a clip of an unidentified woman dunking her chicken fingers into her cup of soda.

In the clip, we see one of the two boys sitting at the table giving her a fierce look of disapproval, and most social media users seem to agree.

Even though plenty of people were taken off guard by the bizarre pairing, one man tweeted his intrigue.

While another joked the soda was an alternative for the stadium's lack of ketchup.

[H/T: Fox News]

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