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What Your Favorite Cut Of Jewelry Reveals About You

NFL / Lady Gaga - Instagram

The great Dolly Parton once said that it's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.

While she was being lighthearted, it's true that the connection you feel to a gem can reveal plenty about your personality.

Take the different type of diamond cuts. Maybe you didn't get a say in the shape of your engagement ring, but we bet you have a favorite style.

Each cut is unique, and the one you prefer is like a sparkling window into your personality.

See what you favorite cut says about you.

Oval Cut

Kate Middleton
Ricky Wilson - Wikimedia

Worn by: Kate Middleton

Right now the oval cut is both old fashioned and trendy at the same time, thanks in part to Kate Middleton's engagement ring (which is actually a sapphire).

The piece was a hand-me-down from Princess Diana, and it embodies both her classical style and Kate's trendy taste.

This is a cut for people who know that everything old is new again (if you have the style to pull it off).

Marquise Cut

Catherine Zeta-Jones
David Shankbone - Wikimedia / Big Diamonds USA

Worn by: Catherine Zeta-Jones

A bold shape with pointed ends like a canoe, the marquise cut has a bit of a scandalous history. Legend says it was named for the Marquise the Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XIV.

Cleverly, the stretched shape makes jewelry with this cut seem larger than it really is, and gives your finger a slender look.

Wearing a ring with this cut says you're both flashy and thrifty, someone who know how to look good on a budget.

Asscher Cut

Gwyneth Paltrow
Andrea Raffin - Wikimedia / Mineralogy Design

Worn by: Gwyneth Paltrow

You don't see this unusual Art Deco-inspired style much these days. Depending on the specific cut it can be harsh on the eyes, or very sophisticated.

An interesting feature of this look is that different versions are more or less sparkly, so it's a great choice for those with very specific taste.

Wearing jewelry with this cut is a sign of confidence and individuality. Whether your style is contemporary or classic, you like to break the rules.

Round Cut

Mila Kunis
Gage Skidmore - Wikimedia / Ara Diamonds

Worn by: Mila Kunis

It's a simple, traditional shape, but the round cut still has an impressive look.

The biggest strength of this rock is its versatility. No matter what occasion or style you pair it with, it will always draw the eye with its brilliant sparkle.

Fans of the round cut probably make friends easily in any environment.

It's not exactly a unique style (75% of all engagement rings are round cut) but it has an elegant simplicity that never goes out of style - just like you.

Emerald Cut

Amal Clooney
Georges Biard - Wikimedia

Worn by: Amal Clooney

The long profile of this cut makes an elegant impression. It's suited to refined looks instead of ones that go for the "wow" factor.

This cut is less popular, which means it's suited for the type of woman who stands out in a crowd.

An emerald cut is the perfect choice for the bold and decisive, and those who like to make strong first impressions.

Heart Cut

Lady Gaga
Tiffany & Co

Worn by: Lady Gaga

With the distinctive heart shape, there's no denying this cut is a bold choice. Some might even call it tacky.

But the fact is some people just wear their hearts on their sleeves. If a piece of jewelry is meaningful to you, and you're not afraid to let the world know, this style is for you.

You're probably the type of person who forges their own path in the world.

You don't let criticism and gossip from others get you down, because you're in touch with your own emotions and feelings.

Princess Cut

Hilary Duff

Worn by: Hilary Duff

This cut is about one thing and one thing only: the sparkle.

The inverted pyramid shape and high number of facets make it shine like the sun. It's an expensive cut, but it emphasizes the glitter and makes flaws disappear - how convenient.

But despite the bold look, fans of the princess cut tend to be delicate and bubbly. A shy woman might let a glittering princess cut ring do the talking for her.

Radiant Cut

Jennifer Aniston
Angela George - Wikimedia / BBB Rings

Worn by: Jennifer Aniston

There's more than one way to shine, and this style is for women who prefer a warm, shimmering glow.

It's less in-your-face than other cuts, but still has dozens of facets to accentuate your bright and brave personality.

This cut is a favorite for colored gemstones, because of the way light shines through it.

It's for someone who always lets their true colors show, no matter the situation.

Cushion Cut

Kim Kardashian
Parmatta Westfield - Flickr

Worn by: Kim Kardashian

This style is an up-and-comer beloved by trend setters and icons.

The round surface area is designed to catch as much light as possible, but it actually looks understated compared to other shining cuts.

It takes someone with a strong inner style or a deep knowledge of gems to pick out this style, so its suited for women who follow their heart, despite what anyone else thinks or says about them.

Pear Cut

Kaley Cuoco
Celebrity ABC

Worn by: Kaley Cuoco

This ring puts the P in personality, and the women who love it have plenty of attitude to match.

Like the marquise cut, pear shaped gems accentuate the shape of your finger, but it's also a great choice for earrings.

Some people aren't drawn to the stone's "unbalanced" teardrop cut. But this shape has an inner brilliance that shines through when you least expect it.

Sound like anyone you know?

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