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Dog Leggings Are The Best New Invention That May Seem Strange But Are Actually Genius

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I know what you're thinking. You clicked on the link, but what even are "Dog Leggings?"

Well, let me tell you, they are pretty much a game changer.

Anyone who owns a dog knows that they like to get themselves into all kinds of messes. Whether it's a mud puddle they just have to dig through, or a snow pile that obviously is the most fun playground, dogs managed to come to our doors ready to drag half of the wilderness in with them.

Sure, we could try to wipe them down before they run in, or even put on those little booties, but as effective as both of those things are, they don't always work out.

The boots are especially tricky, because getting them to fit just right can be a real nightmare. Also, dogs seem to be able to kick them off no matter how well you put them on.

Well, finally someone has come up with a genius invention that will save us struggling dog owners a lot of frustration.

Dog leggings, officially branded as Walkee Paws, give you more than just a simple boot. They cover the whole leg and foot, and then, my favorite part, they clip together on their back so they actually stay on!

You can hook them up to the collar or harness so they aren't going to go anywhere until you're back from your walk.

The stretchy material on the legs ends in a rubber-soled booty, so now dogs can comfortably and easily wear something that keeps those sensitive paws safe.

We all know how harsh the winter can be on those little paws, so keeping them cozy in a little legging is the best solution. I feel like it probably works better for dogs who are a little bit more resistant to the boots because once they're on, they can't just fling them off.

Even if it's just germs you're worried about, these little leggings are easy to throw on even if it's not snowing out. And they are easy to wash off so if they do get muddy or dirty, you can clean them up quick and simple.

Founder Lisa Baronoff revealed how her own experiences with her dog inspired her to make this clever option. "I live in Manhattan and have been concerned about the dirt and germs Toffee tracks into our home after outdoor walks on the dirty pavements ... and I'm concerned with him ingesting dangerous street chemicals by licking his paws, [so] to protect him and our home, I embarked on a mission to find a workable solution."�

Baronoff revealed that there are even talks of some matching sets for owners. "We may launch a "�doggie and me' line "� with leggings to match for dogs and girls."

Walkee Paws dog leggings range in price from $19.99 - $29.99 and come in sizes small to large.

Source - People / Mental Floss

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