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Dr. Pepper Baked Beans Exist And Are Already Flying Off The Shelves


These days, social media makes it easy for brands to get the publicity they need to sell their goods.

All they really have to do is create a product that is interesting and unique enough to go viral and get the whole world talking.

Recently, Serious Bean Co., a company based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, has managed to attract a ton of attention with one of their latest creations.

Serious Bean Co. added some new varieties to their canned baked beans lineup and one of them is flavored with Dr. Pepper.

While the Sweet and A Bit Sassy Dr Pepper Baked Beans have been available for purchase for a while now, the people just can't seem to stop talking about the concoction.

There were those who thought that the combination of the beans with Dr. Pepper is an abomination.

"I tried the Dr.Pepper ones and I love Dr.Pepper but omg these two things should NOT go together ugh," one person wrote on Instagram.

On Twitter, user @the cinemadoctor even posted a video review, revealing that the beans tasted like Dr. Pepper topped with paprika, and proceeded to toss them in the trash.

Then there were those who had nothing but praise for the beans.

"These were pretty good, got em at Walmart," wrote one Instagram user.

One Twitter, Sarah Smith Fiest wrote that her family had been using Dr. Pepper in their "secret" recipe for a long time.

If you aren't familiar with Southern cooking, these soda-flavored beans can be hard to wrap your head around, but cooking with fizzy beverages like Coke and Dr. Pepper is a long-standing practice in kitchens down south.

There are even plenty of cookbooks that list these sodas as ingredients in both savory and sweet recipes. The beverages, which are mostly made up of sugar, add a depth of flavor to the food you're cooking.

The creators of Serious Bean Co. Matt Brown and Trey Taylor have previously told that they founded the company to create unique variations of the Southern cuisine staple while having fun in the process.

"We honestly believe that a can of beans pairs well with nearly every meal, but we need better options with better ingredients and flavors," Taylor said. "We don't want people to miss out on the brilliance of the canned bean."

In addition to the Dr. Pepper baked beans, Serious Bean Co. has three other flavors - Buckin' Buffalo, Chipotle Tomato, and Cracked Pepper.

The beans are sold online through their website and, and despite some of the not so stellar reviews, they've been selling out quickly. You may also be able to find them at your local Walmart store if you're really keen on trying them.

Would you try these Dr. Pepper flavored baked beans?

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