Dunkin Donuts Is Adding A New Drink To Its Menu, And It's Everything You Need

Move over, pumpkin spice! Dunkin' Donuts is stepping up their seasonal drink game and we could not be more excited.

Dunkin' Donuts is arguably America's most beloved restaurant chain, and over the last couple of years they've started rebranding themselves into more than just a donut shop.

News broke recently that Dunkin' Donuts would soon be changing their name to just Dunkin' in an effort to showcase their broad product offering.

"While we remain the number one retailer of donuts in the country, as part of our efforts to reinforce that Dunkin' Donuts is a beverage-led brand and coffee leader, we will be testing signage in a few locations that refer to the brand simply as 'Dunkin'," the company told CNBC.

In addition to dropping donuts from their name, they're also dropping some from their menu.

"The test locations will offer a minimum of 18 core donuts with the opportunity to expand based on consumer feedback and regional preferences," a spokesperson said. "We believe this approach will provide a more consistent experience from store to store, and in some cases, will actually increase both the variety and quantity of donuts available to our guests. We will assess the results of the test before making any determination about a possible national roll-out."

But in what looks like an effort to win back some frustrated customers, Dunkin' Donuts has rolled out a new drink that has everyone talking.

Dunkin' Donuts has released a new Almond Joy hot chocolate for the winter season, and it sounds like people already love it!

Economy Candy

"Dunkin' Donuts is continuing its Halloween celebration with a sweet sip for the spookiest season, introducing new Almond Joy Hot Chocolate and Frozen Almond Joy Hot Chocolate," Dunkin' Donuts said in a statement. "These candy-inspired beverages serve up the famous combo of milk chocolate, almond and coconut flavors for a fun new way to stay energized now and through trick-or-treating and beyond. Both Almond Joy Hot Chocolate and Frozen Almond Joy Hot Chocolate are available now at participating Dunkin' Donuts locations for a limited time."

Dunkin Donuts

Will you be heading out to grab one of these drinks?

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