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Elvis's Grandson Looks Just Like Him

Elvis Presley Central / YouTube

Elvis Presley, the undeniable 'King of Rock 'N Roll' opened up an entirely new genre in music. He caught the attention of the younger generation in the '50's in a way few have ever been able to do. Not only was he a handsome young man singing a new style of rock and roll, but his rhythm was unmatched for his time.

It seemed like his entire body was singing when he performed. His bold rock and roll mixed with the traditional soul-inspiring blues that he grew up with exploded onto the music scene. The accompanying suggestive gyrations and bodily convulsions that came along with his performances set the world in a frenzy. Elvis quickly earned his status as a world-wide acclaimed performer releasing more hit records than anyone else in the history of music. Kids loved him and parents sometimes feared him. But, he was 'The King.'

Elvis' only daughter, Lisa Marie, was nine years old when her father died in 1977 from heart failure. She and her mother, Priscilla, have remained prominent in the public eye as our constant reminder of the magnificence of Elvis.

Lisa Marie married her first husband, musician Danny Keough in 1988 and they had two children, a boy and a girl, before divorcing. Danielle Riley, the oldest, and Benjamin were spotted briefly while growing up with Lisa Marie and her later husbands, Nicholas Cage and Michael Jackson. Lisa Marie, knowing the pressures of growing up in the spotlight, did her best to keep her children's lives private from the ever-peeping eyes of the paparazzi. Under her watchful eye, both children grew up as normal as possible considering their father was Elvis Presley.

Now that Elvis's grandchildren are grown, the public finally gets to see into their private lives and see what they look like. Danielle, a Golden Globe nominated actress, has a few high-grossing films under her belt including Mad Max:Fury Road, The Girlfriend Experience, and Magic Mike. With Benjamin, once the public got a look at his face, the mania set it. The resemblance between he and Elvis is beyond uncanny. He looks so much like Elvis that even Lisa Marie is taken aback at times when looking at his face. 24-year-old Benjamin, who has managed to earn a $5 million dollar record contract, is making a name for himself on the music scene. But, it's his face that is getting the most attention.

While he doesn't have the dark hair that Elvis was known for, his golden locks are accentuated with so many of Elvis's features that some people find themselves staring in awe at his appearance. Benjamin was recently at the Opry behind the scenes and was the star of the show as everyone scampered to get near him to get a photo-op with that oh-so-familiar face. When Lisa Marie was born, Elvis's fans were thrilled that she looked just like her daddy along with the beauty of Priscilla glowing through. Now that we have seen his grandson, we know Elvis's genes are definitely dominant. We just can't wait to see if he sounds like him as well.

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