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Everyday Objects with Secret Uses

Everyday we use items based on what our need is, however, you'd be surprised to learn that some of the most common household items actually have additional uses to them.

For example, where you aware that a simple BIC pen has a cap designed specifically the way it is to ensure that that it doesn't turn into a choking hazard? That's just one of many items...check them out!

Next time you're at home and pull out some these listed items, try using them for their additional purposes, you'll be surprised on how you went this long not knowing about them....I sure was.

Also, I have to admit that I think my favorite might be the applesauce hack. Moms, take a peek and let me know what you think, next time you forget a spoon this will definitely help you out!

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Dryer Sheet Hacks

Fuel Gauge

Fuel gauges have a tiny arrow next to the gas pump, which indicated which side of the car your gas cap is on.

Bread Tags

The colors of bread tags are organized to let you know which day of the week each loaf was delivered to the store. They each correspond to the days of the week.

Jean Pockets

Small pockets in jeans were created in the 1800s to hold pocket watches.

Aluminum Foil Box/Saran Wrap Box

The small holes on the side of your aluminium box aren't just for easy carrying. You're supposed to push the perforations in, which holds the roll in place when you try and tear off a sheet.

Takeout Container

In theory, you can unfold the containers into plates and then fold them back up to store your leftovers.

Pen Caps

The small holes in pen caps are there in case you swallow it. The hole allows for airflow so you don't choke.

Applesauce Lids

Applesauce lids can be folded into little spoons (just in case you forgot your own!)

Beer Bottle Neck

It's there to keep your drink cold. If you hold the beverage from the neck, and not the base, your body heat won't warm it up.


This specific shape was specifically designed for sinks,not toilets.

Soda Can Tabs

The hole in the tab can keep your straw in place.